What are you doing now…..? Vol.001- Kanata Yamada (EIC2006)


Hello EIC Family members,
Starting from this month onward Global Network Team (GNT) we try to introduce at least one past EIC participant in our EIC blog and facebook. We hope with this chain connection we are able to re-connect and know where are all our EIC Family now and what they are doing.
This will also be a ‘chain connection’ where the person on the blog or facebook can request to GNT the next person he or she wanted to know.
As for November, we have asked Kanata Yamada (EIC 2006) to share with us what she is doing now and who is the next person she wanted to know and is curious about now. Please enjoy reading till the end. It will be up on EIC Family Facebook.

Name: Kanata Yamada
Hometown: Hyogo Prefecture
EIC Year participated: 2006
Present: Now studying in Germany from 2018

What you are doing now?

I have been in Heidelberg, Germany since this June and learned German until November in a language school. Now I graduated from the language school and am preparing for the exam of German. It’s held on 7th December and when I pass the exam, I can get the qualification for the application for the university. While I went to school, I did a part time job in a restaurant as a bar keeper. Otherwise I sometimes join in Kyougi-Karuta club in Munich and play Karuta not only with Japanese who live there but also with German who are interested in Karuta (besides I teach them how to get cards). Though they know the rule of Karuta, most of them can’t speak Japanese. For that reason when I play with them or talk with them, I have to use German to communicate with other members. But I think that it’s very good practice for me to improve my knowledge of German.

Why did you choose the things you are doing now?

Since when I was a child, I really liked doing sports but always suffered from injuries. Therefore I decided to major in sport sciences at the university and wanted to clarify how can people prevent from injuries. At the same time, I was interested in Studying abroad and especially the system of rehabilitation and prevention in Germany impressed me a lot. This is the reason why I want to study in Germany.

How EIC has been an influenced in your life?

EIC has been really really influenced in my life. Without the experience in EIC, I might not decide to study abroad. The most impressed thing during EIC is the time when the camp leaders taught us about their hometown and what happened in the world. Then I felt that there was a lot of things what I hadn’t known yet and EIC taught me the importance of regarding the world in order to consider the thing from multilateral perspectives..
Otherwise there is the words that I always repeat when I face a trouble. That is, “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Let’s try communicating in English.” You know, it’s a slogan of EIC. I think that we should not hesitate to make mistakes, rather than we should challenge further without hesitation or fear.

What is your next challenge?

In this time I submitted the documents to some universities where I want to study and now I am waiting for receiving the admission. When I have been accepted to study sport sciences, I want to learn a lot about the system of prevention for the injuries and somedays contribute for the society in Japan.

Message to EIC Family (Juniors)

Continue learning English! It could be a big fortune for you in the future!

Who would you want to know about (Friend in EIC or Camp Leader)?

EIC friend… Naho Hosokawa (EIC2006), Natsumi Hashimoto (EIC2006) and Shion Horiuchi (EIC2009)
Also I want to know about my Camp Leader at that time, John, Gabi and Tarta.
Global Network Team will be contacting the people whose name is mentioned in this article in the order of how it is written.

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  1. GNT Maza より:

    Hello Kanata. Hope you are doing well in Germany.
    Thank you for joining our EIC 20th Anniversary the othe day and also our video chat. So, how is your study so far and how many more years do you have to study before you graduate?
    Do you still teach Karuta to the locals?
    What’s your challenges studying overseas?
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Take care ne.

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