GNI 2020 – Presentation


Since the theme for GNI this year is regarding “Environment”, our friends wanted to share about “What they have been taking initiative in to contribute to the Environment”. Since the actual gathering was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation, we will be sharing the video here on the website.

Please watch the presentations.

(You can click on this icon for subtitles.) on the screen:→


            Rin (EIC2019)                                                       Koto Bandoh (EIC2019)

My small contribution to help the environment 
The Australia forest fire made me sad and change the way I think   

 Nisa (EIC2019 – Pakistan)                                     Tomo Takano (EIC2017&2018)    

Let’s try changing our habits for environment     
Recycling program we can learn from Kita Kyushu

 Lookpud (EIC2016-Thailand)                                   Meenu (EIC2019-Pakistan)

Story of a bee for healthy living and environment
‘Upcycling’ to help the environment and community

Lise’s Presentation

Lise’s Script

                           Looking forward to those joining the “Online sharing session” 

                                on April  15 (Wed) / April 18 (Sat) / April 19 (Sun)

**For those who are joining the online session, please watch these presentations and tell us your impressions during the online session.

*For those who cannot join the online session, you can send us your comments and impressions to GNT. We will gather the comments and share it to the presentors.

Thank you very much!

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