Donation of Elementary School Children’s Backpacks and Pianica Musical Instruments


2nd Overseas Study Tour: Report on “Taking Action” After Study Tour Experience

Time flies very fast… Almost one year has passed since the members of the 2nd Overseas Study Tour went to Jogjakarta, Indonesia in December of 2014. During the Overseas Study Tour, participants experienced reality by visiting local schools and communicating with local kids. In addition, participants discussed what positive actions they could take. Please see our report below. (2nd Overseas Study Tour Report)

After coming back from the Study Tour, some participants who were graduating from elementary school decided to collect traditional school backpacks used in Japan (called “randoseru”) and Pianica musical instruments (also used in schools in Japan) which they will no longer be using after graduating from elementary school. They asked their friends at school to donate their items, too. All of the items that had been collected were brought to the 8th APN (Ambassadors of Peace Network) gathering. Please see our report below. (8th APN report)

Together with the cooperation of other participants from the 8th APN event, a total of more than 30 school backpacks and 40 Pianica instruments were gathered, together with stationary items and towels. Thank you very much for your support and for taking action!

We apologize for taking such a long time but, with the cooperation and kind support of many people, we were able to send the items collected to the following two organizations: HoshiZora and SAJA.

First two school backpacks have been sent. HoshiZora APU (Ritumeikan Asia Pasific University): 19 school backpacks, 23 Pianica instruments, stationary and towels. Message from Mr. Arif Fauzan (representative of HoshiZora APU)

Dear Kumon,
I am Arif Fauzan, on behalf of Hoshizora APU, I would like to inform you that the donation items including bags, pianica, and other stationaries from Kumon have safely arrived Beppu, and we will bring Hoshizora Foundation in Jogja gradually through our members and some of our friends who are going to Indonesia.
Thank you very much for your contributions and support.
Regards, MUHAMMAD Arif Fauzan

SAJA ( school for street children we visited on 1st Indonesia Study Tour)
Four school backpacks, two Pianica instruments, stationary and towels. Mizan (Indonesia, EIC Camp Leader in 2012, 2013 and 2015) delivered items when he went back to Jakarta in September.

We still have five school backpacks, five Pianica instruments and two recorder instruments in our office in Shin Osaka. Our kind Camp Leaders will take these items with them when they go back to Indonesia.

In addition, we will donate all money from APN participants to HoshiZora.

March 2017, we took many items with us on the 3rd overseas study tour!

Thanks to everyone’ contributions for the school bags, pianicas and stationery we received, we brought it to Thailand on our 3rd Overseas Study Tour, and delivered it to the following 2 locations.
(3rd Overseas Study Tour Report)

Hmong Village (village of mountainous ethnic group of Thailand)

*15 school bags
*Towel / handkerchief * Eco bag

School for Life (Boarding School for mountainous ethnic groups of Thailand)


We will update new information here, when we receive it.
So please come back and check from time to time!

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