What is Eco Heroes?

Eco Heroes is an activity at English Immersion Camp (EIC) aimed at encouraging participants to look for simple ways in their daily lives to contribute to preserving the environment. Another goal is to make students aware of the importance of spreading the message of environmental protection to others. After listening to a presentation in English about environmental problems, participants take part in Eco Hero activities, such as making Eco Bags, preparing Eco Notebooks, writing postcards and making reusable chopsticks.

Making Eco bags

The presentation informs students about the 4 R’s (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Refuse). Then, students design their very own Eco Bags in an effort to raise awareness and to cut down on the use of disposable plastic bags. Students decorate their Eco Bags with messages such as “I love Eco” and “CO2 ↓.” Some participants were heard saying that they will use their Eco Bag every time they go shopping. Others took immediate action by starting to use their Eco Bags to carry their belongings during the remaining days of EIC.

Making Eco Notebooks

Paper, which is made from trees, is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. During this activity theEIC0824_Day3 children learn new ways to minimize the use of paper by reusing used paper. They use their creativity to design beautiful Eco Notebooks utilizing cardboard and paper that has already been printed on one side.

Writing Postcards

First, children listen to presentations about major problems existing in the world. Most participants are shocked and express their desire to do something now, or in the future as an adult, in order to find solutions to those problems. Students then write postcards about these problems and send them to family members and friends. This activity raises awareness among participants about urgent world issues and, at the same time, encourages them to take action.

Reusable Personal Chopsticks (“My Chopsticks”)

During the English Immersion Camp (EIC) in 2010, the “My Chopsticks” campaign was launched. Participants werechopstick encouraged to use their own reusable chopsticks rather than using disposable chopsticks in order to help reduce the cutting down of trees. At the end of the camp all participants received EIC “My Chopsticks” reusable chopsticks as a present in order to encourage them to continue protecting the environment even after the camp by using them at home as well. Subsequently, participants are asked to bring their own reusable chopsticks to all activities sponsored by EIC, such as the annual Ambassadors of Peace Network (APN) gathering.