What is PET Bottle Cap Project?

The PET Bottle Cap Project was launched with the aim collecting used PET bottle caps, which are recycled intoB3 plastic chairs and then sold. The money earned is used to provide polio vaccines for children in developing countries. Every year participants, Camp Leaders and staff are asked to bring at least ten PET bottle caps to the English Immersion Camp (EIC). At the EIC, both children and Camp Leaders have a chance to listen to presentations, followed by discussions, about the importance of conservation and environmental preservation. They learn how even small actions can contribute to bigger changes in the future. After listening to one of the presentations explaining that some people die because of lack of vaccines, and how collecting and recycling PET bottle caps can contribute to saving lives in developing countries, one of the participants wrote: “More and more people are dying. We must act fast to save the people on this planet, I will collect many PET bottle caps from today.”

Many participants, after realizing that their small actions can really add up and make a difference in the world, have kept up their good work of collecting as many PET bottle caps as possible even after their participation in EIC. They have also gotten their family, school friends and neighbors involved.