In the Pull Tab Project, pull tabs from aluminum cans are collected and then sold. The money earned from these pull tabs is used to buy brand new wheelchairs for people in the community.

During the 3rd annual Ambassadors of Peace Network (APN) event, Ms. Yukiko Matsuoka (an English Immersion Camp (EIC) participant in 2005) gave a presentation about her Pull Tab Project. She and her family have been collecting pull tabs since after her participation in EIC, and members of the EIC family have been cooperating with her. In January 2011, we received news from Yukiko that she was finally able to exchange all the pull tabs she had collected (weighing 800 kgs) for a new wheelchair to be given to charity. These small actions taken by many people in collecting pull tabs led to a big contribution to the community.

If you have collected pull tabs and would like to send them in to charity, please visit the following website:

NPO Free School for Life (Only Japanese available)