EIC 2014 Completion Report


English Immersion Camp 2014 has been successfully completed

Four English Immersion Camp sessions were held at the Hotel Biwako Plaza in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture from August 2nd – 5th, 7th – 12th, 13th – 16th, and 18th – 23rd.

The EIC 6 Day Program and the EIC 4 Day Program were held in 2014. All of the participants (361 students) graduated from English Immersion Camp (EIC) 2014!

This year we held not only the EIC 6 Day Program for children studying Kumon English materials Level I1 or above or have achieved EIKEN Grade 4 on the test in Practical English Proficiency (STEP) but also the EIC 4 Day Program for children studying Kumon English materials Levels G2 – H2 or have achieved EIKEN Grade 5 on the Test in Practical English Proficiency (STEP) since 2012. While Camp Leaders and children who joined the EIC 6 Day Program communicated by means of simple English sentences, Camp Leaders and children who participated in the EIC 4 Day Program communicated using simple English words. All of the participants (361 children) of these four camps session graduated from EIC 2014!

A Global Camp where People from Many Countries and Regions around the World Live and Study Together!

Students living in the Kansai area from 17 countries and regions (including Japan) and students from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Oita Prefecture from 16 countries and regions (including Japan), cooperated with us for Camps 1 and 3 (EIC 4 Day Program) as well as Camps 2 and 4 (EIC 6 Day Program). Most of the Camp Leaders were non-native English speakers.

 The community camp life brought together children who had gathered from various prefectures from all across Japan and Camp Leaders. The children not only experienced the joy of using English, they also made connections with people from many countries and regions, experienced becoming friends like true family members or siblings, and expanded their outlook on the world.

You can do it!!

As the name of this program suggests, the English Immersion Camp immerses participating children in English, but this does not mean that Japanese is completely prohibited.

Communication with the Camp Leaders took place only in English. However, when it was not possible to convey their message skillfully in English to the Camp Leaders, we often saw the children cooperating with each other using a combination of English and Japanese to attempt to somehow communicate what they wanted to say to the Camp Leaders. And Camp Leaders constantly motivated students by saying, “Mistakes are OK! Try, try!!” Encouraged by these words, the children enjoyed communicating in English without fear of making mistakes.

Taking Action! “Well Done Points” and the Bottle Cap Project

The “Well Done Points” and the Bottle Cap Project programs have been carried out since 2010 with the intention of carrying out small actions to contribute to the greater good, and not focusing solely on benefits to ourselves. This year, we collected 11,612 Well Done Points.

Well done Points

Bottle Cap Project

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