Thanks to EIC

Moeka Mitani (EIC2009)
high shool 3rd grade

Moeka has become more proactive as a result of her participation in EIC. She has made a lot of friends through her participation in the speech contest, trying out various instruments in the brass band and acting in plays.

My dream is to be a doctor and help sick people in the world  

Tsuyoshi Ijima (EIC2104 & 2015) 
elementary school 5th grade 

English is used as a common language in the medical field around the world. Tsuyoshi wants to become a doctor like his father. Therefore he is studying all of his subjects, including English, very hard.

I want to learn many things about Japanese History

Mai Miura (EIC2013)
elementary school 5th grade

Mai is interested in Japanese history and has the dream of becoming a historian when she grows up. She has been studying history by visiting castles around the country. She wants to enter the archery club when she enters junior high school.

Ballet for me

Kasumi Endo (EIC2012) 
elementary school 6th grade 

Kasumi is active as a ballet dancer. She spoke about the joy of ballet and her dream of becoming a professional dancer in The Tokyo Ballet.

For People All Over The World

Ryosei Tanaka (EIC2014)
elementary school 4th grade  

Ryosei’s dream is to help develop medicines that will help contribute to the health of the global community. He is studying hard and doing his best at sports and other activities as he trains himself to realize his future goals.

My Dream 

Mika (EIC2015 Camp Leader)

Mika became a Camp Leader with the goal of inspiring young people in Japan and making a contribution to world peace. She spoke about peace and realizing one’s future dreams in an easy to understand way to the students.

Praying for the world

Sayaka Matsushima (EIC2013) junior high school 2nd grade
Yuuka Matsushima (EIC2014 & 2015) elementary school 6th grade

We don’t think it’s enough just to think about your own peaceful daily life. We also pray for the people suffering in disaster zones around the world. Two sisters performed a dance that encapsulated the feelings of the Shinto of Japan.

J Friends

Kazushi Matsumoto (EIC2015) elementary school 6th grade

Kazushi has recently realized through his involvement in J Friends that there are a great many signs in information boards in Japan that are written in English. He is studying hard to improve his English because he views it as a very useful tool.

My Dream 

Ryuhi Shiotani (EIC2014)
junior high school 1st grade

Ryuhi is very interested in trains. On his holidays he has gone to railway museums to study the Shinkansen bullet train. He has sat in the driver’ seat of a Shinkansen engine at the museum. His dream is to become a Shinkansen driver.

My Awareness  

Jade (EIC2007 Camp Leader) Korea

Jade asked participants, “What is the objective of your studies?” He also talked about her childhood and her experience with EIC.

Steve Jobs 

Kazuki Yamamoto (EIC2014)
junior high school 1st grade 

Kazuki related some inspiring comments of Steve Jobs to students. He also spoke about what he most values in life and the way he views his future.

My Dream

Yu Sudo (EIC2015) 
elementary school 6th grade

Yu has an interest in plant toxicity. She would like to research how toxic substances might be able to be used in medicines. Yu hopes to be involved in some way in providing beneficial drugs to patients who are suffering. She has the ultimate goal of becoming a pharmacist.

What I did last year     

Rikku Oki  (EIC2011)
junior high school 2nd grade

Rikku gave a review of what he had done over the last year, including his participation of the Oversea Study Tour. He spoke in specifics about the difficult challenges he had faced as well as the importance of perseverance.

My Dream   

Manami (EIC2005~2015 Nurse) Japan

Manami had the goal of becoming a nurse because of her experiences as a child. She emphasized to the participants the importance of having a dream and trying new things.

I want to be a doctor

Kanon Shibata (EIC2011)
junior high school 2nd grade 

Kanon talked about why she wants to become a doctor. Kanon is particularly interested in sports medicine. Kanon also talked about her activities on the school track team.

My Dream 

Ritu (EIC2015 Camp Leader) Nepal

Ritu hopes to work in the field of community development. In order to achieve that goal she is studying leadership skills and doing voluntary work.

What EIC gave us

Ami Kaneda (EIC2010)
high school 2nd grade

How has Ami changed in the years after her participation in EIC? She discussed her impression of high school life as well as how the things she learned at EIC have been helpful to her in her life.