It’s EIC Month – August!
Let’s wonder about China, Ecuador, Malawi, Myanmar & Sri Lanka in August!
What do you want to know about these countries??


We are glad to introduce the Guide for our trip of World Festival! Please watch their Greetings video!
Do you know how these Camp Leaders??


How people lives changed in China?

How have life of those in China changed after Covid-19?
Let’s find out together!

Language & CultureSri Lanka vs Myanmar 

These 2 countries is not so well-known in Japan, right? Aren’t you curious about them? 😉

Nature & Environment
Malawi vs Ecuador

These 2 countries is so far away from Japan ( and even Asia)! How are the sceneries there like?

Online Session Report

Date & time :August 23rd (Sun) 10:00~11:00 
Participants :4 EIC Past Participants 、10 EIC Staff & Camp Leaders

★Online Session Summary★

Welcome, Welcome! On Sunday August 23rd, we welcome 5 friends to our Online Session to get to know more about Myanmar, China, Malawi, Ecuador & Sri Lanka with the 4 Camp Leaders!

We had a short self-introduction where we learnt about the Camp Leaders’ countries and flags. As this month’s theme is World Festival, our friend was able to virtually travelled to countries in different areas in the world. 😀

Throughout the session, we played a Picture Matching game in which friends had to guess which countries do the given pictures belongs to! It was not easy, but very interesting, because our friend could learn about breakfests and new year celebrations of our countries! We realized that there are mamy similar points between Japan and other countries! 😛
Q: Did you know that many countries have a special tradition to take away the bad things when new year comes?
Q: Which countries whose children also receive New Year’s lucky money like Japanese children?
Q: Do you know what games friends in other countries play in festivals and celebrations?

In every TAW session, we learned about so many new things and interacted a lot with friends from different EIC years!
We look forward to seeing you next month traveling with us in to Thailand! 

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