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Let’s learn more about the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) 独立行政法人国際協力機構.

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What is JICA?

Meet the Presenters

Reason why I joined JICA:
Reason why I’m working for JICA is that I want to contribute to a better world. Although my role doesn’t have a huge impact on the world, but I enjoy it because I can get a interact with people from all over the world and feel that I am contributing to the world by making everyone aware of JICA’s activities in this way.
Hobbies: Watching football game, traveling to other countries

Morigawa (JICA Shiga desk)

Reason why I joined JICA:
I joined JICA to contribute with my work to the development of my country, to learn a little bit of everything in different areas of international cooperation.
Hobbies: Exercise at the gym and go to the beach.

Edrulfo Gutiérrez (JICA Nicaragua)

Reason why I joined JICA:

When I was a little girl, I saw a bridge donated by the Government of Japan. The bridge was built due to a hurricane in 1998 (Hurricane Mitch) in a place prone to floods. So, I joined JICA because I felt I could help Nicaraguan people while working for this agency. At the same time, I was curious about the Japanese culture.
Hobbies: I like to hike volcanoes, watch sunrise and sunsets, listen to rock music, watch action movies, and travel to other cities.

Imelda Ríos (JICA Nicaragua)

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