Video Message from EIC Family /EICファミリーからのビデオメッセージ

Nodoka (EIC2005 Participant) &Seina (EIC2002 Participant)

Their message from London

Tah from Thailand
(EIC2009 & 2010 Camp Leader)

Her views of EIC from Australia

Shradha from India
(EIC2001, 2002 & 2003 Camp Leader)

Bringing back EIC memories 

Emily from Indonesia
(EIC2007 Camp Leader)

My new challenge after EIC

Irvin from China(EIC2009 Camp Leader) &Min from Vietnam(EIC2014 Camp Leader)

See the Global Network meet in Canada 

Ari from Ecuador
(EIC2012 Camp Leader) 

Message from France, your dream and your take action

Macy from USA
(EIC2012 Camp Leader)

My updates after EIC, my part in making the world a better place

Yan from Malaysia
(EIC2007&2012 Camp Leader)

What EIC is to me, I miss EIC very much

Dain from Korea
(EIC 2010 Camp Leader)

Working in Korea. Have a dream, everyone!  

Karen from Equador
(EIC2001&2002 Camp Leader) 

Working as a teacher in USA

Gabi from Hungary
(EIC2006&2007&2008 Camp Leader)

Working as a teacher in Japan

Rammy from Russia (EIC2012&2014 Camp Leader)& Nam from Vietnam(EIC2013&2014 Camp Leader)

Message from the Netherlands

Pipe from Colombia
(EIC2012 Camp Leader) 

Tour guide for Japanese. Message from Uyuni !

Zoey form China
(EIC2010&2011 Camp Leader)

Message from San Diego

Akira from Malaysia
(EIC 2012 Camp Leader)

Message from Design Engineer in Malaysia

Noon from Thailand(EIC2007 Camp Leader)
Tarta from Thailand(EIC2005-2007 Camp Leader &2009-2012 Camp Staff)
Oyl from Thailand(EIC2001, 2002, 2004 Camp Leader)

Camp Leaders from Thailand

Kay from Myanma(EIC2014-2015 Camp Leader)
Nunu from Fiji(EIC2014-2015 Camp Leader)

Do you remember EIC Slogan?

Christye from Malaysia
Yeyen form Indonesia
Jose from Dominican Republic
Shelly from Malaysia
Jacob from Uganda(EIC2015 Camp Leader)
Biyan from Indonesia
(EIC2014 Camp Leader)

From KANSAI Camp Leaders

Thu from Vietnam
Widuri from Indonesia
(EIC2015 Camp Leader)

Happy Anniversary message

Shin from Korea
(EIC2015 Camp Leader)

I miss you

Lin from Korea
(EIC2011-2013 Camp Leader)

Try your best! Never give up!

Arosha from Sri Lanka
(EIC 2002&2004&2005Camp Leader)

Enjoy the party!

Atika from India
(EIC 2004&2005 Camp Leader)

Message from Interior Designer in India

Avems from Ghana
(EIC2013&2014 Camp Leader)

Message with his wife

Jacob from Korea
(EIC2014-2015 Camp Leader) 

Have Fun!

Jacob from Korea
(EIC2014-2015 Camp Leader)
Monica from Nepal
Enna from Indonesia
(EIC2015 Camp Leader)

We miss you

Tahanie from Sri Lanka
(EIC2012-2013 Camp Leader) 

Thank you so much!

Wakanita from Japan
(EIC2009 Camp Staff)

EIC is my one of my best memories

Vanessa from Australia
(EIC2002 Camp Leader)

Message from Sydney with her son

Tuuka from Finland
(EIC2002 Camp Leader)

Message from Professor in UK

Tanny from Vietnam
(EIC2011 Camp Leader)

My Next Challenge

Message from EIC Family /EICファミリーからのメッセージ

EIC Participants

★ Dreams and goals: ① pass the Pre-1 level of the Eiken Test in Practical English Proficiency, ② build up my leg strength, ③ improve my English ability
★ Activities you would like to do at the 15th EIC Anniversary Event: collect money for charity as at the 8th APN

★頑張っている夢、目標: ①英検の準一級に受かること②脚力を鍛えること③英語力を高めること
★15thイベントでやりたいこと: 8th APNでやったような、日本円の募金
EIC2011 – Rikku

★ Dreams and goals: I began ballet lessons in January. I am practicing very hard every day in order to get better. (^-^)
★ Things you are looking forward to at the 15th EIC Anniversary Event: Meeting old friends that I made when I was at EIC and making new friends.
★ Message to the EIC family: Thank you very much for all of the great memories last year! The Camp Leaders were very nice and explained things that we didn’t understand. My experience at EIC is a memory that I will treasure for my entire life.
★今頑張っている事: 今年の1月から、トウシューズが始まったので、上手く踊れるように、日々のレッスンを頑張っています(^-^)
★15周年イベントで楽しみにしている事: EICの時に出会ったお友だちとまた会える事、そしてまた新たにお友だちをつくりたい
★EICファミリーへのメッセージ: 昨年は、楽しい思い出を、本当にありがとうございました。キャンプリーダーは、わからない事でも、優しく説明してくれました。私にとって、一生の大切な思い出になりました。
EIC2015 – Hana

I got confidence about English through this camp, passed EIKEN grade 3 and will go to Kumon Kokusai Gakuen.
EIC2014&2015 – Masaya

I started playing basketball last year. I will practice a lot and I want to join games. Also, I want to pass EIKEN Grade Pre 2. I am looking forward to seeing camp friends. Let’s enjoy making friends and talking!
私は今、去年始めたバスケットの練習を頑張っています。たくさん練習して、試合に出れるようになりたいです。英検、準2級にも合格したいので、両方頑張ります! 15周年イベントで、キャンプの時に一緒だったお友達と会えることを楽しみにしています。 また、たくさんのお友達を作って、たくさんお話したいので、よろしくお願いします!
EIC2015 – Yuri

I am trying to pass Kumon English Final Level Proficiency Test.
I am looking forward to seeing again with everyone.
EIC2014 – Yutaro

My goal is complete Kumon English and pass EIKEN Grade 2 until I graduate an elementary school. I am looking forward to seeing everyone!
EIC2015 – Taiga

I am trying to pass EIKEN Grade Pre 2.
I am looking forward to seeing EIC friends and making new friends.
今頑張ってる事 英検準2級合格できるように、頑張っています。
EIC2012 – Yuki

Congratulations on EIC 15th Anniversary! I got confidence on speaking English thanks to EIC. I felt it’s fun to speak with people from different countries. My English is not good but I really appreciate camp leader listened to me seriously.People I met in EIC made me change my world view and point of view. I will take an entrance examination before the event. I will study hard. I hope I can see camp leaders and friends of my EIC year. I am looking forward to it!
EIC15周年おめでとうございます! EICに参加することで、英語で話すことに自信が持てたように思います。 そして、英語で外国の方とお話しすることがとても楽しいことだと感じることができました! 今も上手な英語ではありませんが、小学生の拙い英語を真剣に聞いたくれたキャンプリーダーに本当に感謝しています。EICでたくさんの人に出会えたことで、私の世界観や視点が大きく変わったと思っています。 入試が終わってからイベントがあるので、楽しみに勉強を頑張ります!私が参加した年のキャンプリーダーや友達に会えることを願っています!本当に楽しみです 
EIC2012 – Satowa

Hello! I am playing football hard, because I want to be a football player in the future. I want to meet EIC friends and camp leaders again.
EIC2015 – Saki

EIC Camp Leader

Hi everyone~ This is Megan from EIC 2015! I am in Melbourne, Australia! Right now I’m exchanging at the University of Melbourne for one year. It is very different from Japan and it is a very beautiful city. I really enjoy studying here. I made many friends from different countries, and I get to know about more cultures and languages.
But I miss you all so much! EIC was such a wonderful memory for me~ My dear Lucky Seven group and Starlight Wings group, how are you? I hope you are having lots of fun in school and in your life.Thank you for teaching me how to eat Nato during the camp and I’m still eating it every week even here in Australia~ Also, all the kids, camp leaders and GNT members, thank you for giving me such a great memory.
I miss Japan very very much! Especially Japanese food! So I’m learning Japanese very hard so that I can stay in Japan longer. I hope that you are enjoying learning English in Kumon as well. Hopefully in the future you can travel around the world and try different food from different countries.
I’m sorry that I can’t go back to Japan for the anniversary even if I really want to, but hopefully we will meet again in the future! Happy anniversary!!
EIC2015 – Megan(China)

EIC Camp Staff

Congratulations to EIC on its 15th anniversary! I can still remember my excitement when I participated in EIC in 2006 in Hokkaido. I remember that participants proactively using the phrases they learned in their Kumon study when speaking with the Camp Leaders and fellow participants. Camp Leaders made a great effort to ensure that participants had a great experience at the camp. I still remember that the schedule was planned out to the minute and that the days were full of rewarding activities. It was very worthwhile to have the chance to live in an English-speaking environment without leaving Japan. On my way home the day that the camp ended, I even said “thank you!” by mistake to the clerk at the kiosk in the train station! That’s how effective EIC was for me. It was enjoyable because there were so many chances to apply what we learned at the camp. It has been a long time since I participated in EIC but, for the students who will be joining EIC in the future- you can look forward to a fruitful and fulfilling experience!

EIC15周年おめでとうございます。思い返せばいつも、2006年度に北海道で実施されたEICに参加した時の感動がよみがえります。公文式学習で学んだ英語のフレーズを使って、積極的にキャンプリーダーや参加メンバーとコミュニケーションをはかる子どもたち。その子どもたちのキャンプが最高の思い出となるように全力で企画運営を担うキャンプリーダーの存在。分単位でのスケジュールでありながら、テンポよく、充実していたことを今でも覚えています。日本にいながらにして、英語の環境に溶け込むキャンプは、子どもたちにとってもまた、参加した自分にとっても充実したものでした。(キャンプが終わった後、帰りに立ち寄った駅のキヨスクでお釣りを受け取る際、思わず、「Thank you!」と英語で言ってしまうほどでした)ハートフルなEIC。学んだことを活かす楽しさに溢れていると思います。参加してから時が経ちましたが、これから参加する子どもたちにとって、これからも充実したキャンプになること間違いなしと思っています。


Congratulations on the 15th anniversary of EIC! I helped out with the first EIC in Hokkaido in 2004. I recall that the students were nervous at first. But they gradually became more relaxed. I remember being very impressed seeing students speaking English and making presentations in English without being afraid of making mistakes. I also thought it was quite noteworthy that Camp Leaders were very earnest and held meetings each night. The EIC students from that year are now probably already in their 20’s. Using the English they learned at EIC, I’m sure they are playing an active role in society in Japan and overseas. EIC participants will take the lead in building the Japan of tomorrow!


HEIC2003 – Mr.Kuroda

Congratulations to EIC on their 15th anniversary! I participated in the very first EIC as a “logistician.”
My job as a logistician was, simply put, to transport items that were necessary for the camp. The first think I had to do was rent a truck with a lot of storage space at a vehicle rental shop next to the airport. Next, I had to put together a list of nearby medical facilities that were open 24 hours a day, shops where I could buy large amounts of ice, 100 yen shops and other useful information for the camp. At that time GPS systems for cars or mobile phones didn’t exist. When the camp ended I felt it’s ok if I would remain in Beppu, Oita Prefecture (where the EIC was held that year) and become a taxi driver. I was very happy to see the EIC participants happily using all of the equipment that I had delivered in the afternoon. I remember feeling very reassured and pleased when the very first EIC came to a successful completion.


EIC2001 – Haru

Congratulations to everyone at English Immersion Camp on your 15th anniversary! My name is Koichi Furuya from the Numazu Branch Office in Shizuoka Prefecture. One of my great memories is participating in the English Immersion Camp in Hokkaido when I was working at the Hakodate Branch Office. At that camp my nickname was “Heater.” I still clearly remember crying on the final day of EIC at the graduation ceremony as we all sang “We Are the World” together. Standing together with the camp leaders from so many countries and all of the students, I felt that we made up a microcosm of the world. All of us followed the advice of EIC, “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes! Let’s try communicating English!” English is a tool that can bring people of different countries together. We learned that the most important thing is having the courage to take that first step to try to communicate with others. The EIC is a very valuable forum where students learn why the study of English is important. I wish EIC the very best of luck in the future. Long live EIC!

EIC15周年おめでとうございます!沼津事務局の古谷幸一です。私にとってEICといえば、函館事務局時代に北海道イマージョンでスタッフとして参加したことが大きな思い出です。Heaterというニックネームで呼ばれていました。卒業式の日に、皆でWe are the worldを合唱した際、涙が止まらなかったことを今でも思い出します。様々な国のキャンプリーダーと日本の子どもたちが一体となる姿に世界平和の縮図を感じました。Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, Let’s try communicating English!―英語は世界が一つになるためのツールであること、そのために勇気をもってコミュニケーションすることがその第一歩であることを学びました。EICは、子どもたちに「何のために英語を学ぶのか?」を教えてくれる大事な場です。これからもどうぞ宜しくお願い致します!EIC永遠なれ!

HEIC2004&2005 – Heater

I am proud that I was there when EIC’s slogan of “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Let’s try communicating in English!” was selected.
I am very glad to see that EIC has already been around for 15 years. If EIC stays around for 50 years, perhaps the role of English in Japan will really have changed.
Let’s try “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Let’s try communicating in English!” というキャッチフレーズを決めたときにそこにいたことを誇りに思います。15年続いて本当によかったですね。

EIC2001-2004 – Mr.IT

EIC began in 2001. This was just one year after Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) opened its doors. The goal of training as many people as possible to use English for communication and to develop a global outlook was shared by both Kumon and APU. There was a good match between APU, where students from many countries were studying, and Kumon, which is provided to many students around the world. EIC has been able to expand and flourish after such humble beginnings thanks to the daily perseverance of all of the students over the years who have studied English with the Kumon Method. These students have displayed a persistence and determination that has gone well beyond what could have been imagined before starting EIC. Students have experienced passion and amazement at EIC. As a result of these formative experiences EIC students have learned to proactively and confidently use English as a tool for communication without worrying about making mistakes.
When students participate in EIC they use English as a communication tool and steadily broaden their international horizons. EIC lets students experience the reason why the study of English is so important. EIC students are enabled to broaden and deepen their learning of the English language. EIC has provided valuable learning opportunities to a great many people. Their work is a realization of one of the goals of Kumon. That goal is to foster individuals with a global outlook who can make a positive contribution to the global community.
EIC, thank you for 15 years of learning! As a member of EIC in the very early days, I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved for all of their efforts over the past 15 years.
EIC2001 – Mr. Ota