Let’s wonder about Thailand!
What do you want to know about Thailand?

キャンプリーダーから「Sawaddeekrab /Sawaddeeka = Hello!」

今回、タイの旅を案内してくれるガイドをご紹介します! ぜひビデオをご覧ください!
Do you know how many EIC Camp Leaders from Thailand?

タイってどんな国? What do you know about Thailand?


What a market and daily life in Thailand is like?


Thailand’s Night Market Tour! (with Guide: Tarta) 

Have you are tried Thai food before?
Let’s join Tarta to visit a Southern Thailand’s night market! 😛

How similar and different markets in Japan and Thailand are?

A Day in Bangkok! (with Guide: Thantan) 

Do you know where is Bangkok?
We already visited a night market in Thailand with Tarta, but how about a normaly daily market? Following Thatan, we will see a day in his life in Bangkok and also get a chance to visit another market! Let’s see how it is different from the Tarta’s night market! 😛

What can we do in Chonburi, Thailand?


Chonburi Day Tour! (with Guide: Paii & Mook)

Do you know where Chonburi is located in Thailand?
Let’s join Paii & Mook to see what we can eat and visit in Chonburi! 😛

How similar and different Chonburi is when compared to Japan’s city?

Bonus guidebook about Chonburi Day Tour

If you have finished watching Paii & Mook’s tour, please have a look at the below file to find out more about some hidden facts about the tour!

What are some transportations in Bangkok?


Transportations in Bangkok! (with Guide: Da & Lookpud)

Do you know where Bangkok is located in Thailand?
Let’s join Da & Lookpud to see what transportations people use in Bangkok! 😛

How similar and different Bangkok’s transportations is when compared to Japan’s ones?