Let’s wonder about Uzbekistan!
What do you want to know about Uzbekistan??

What are some Uzbekistan food you know?

今回、ウズベキスタンの旅を案内してくれるガイドをご紹介します! ぜひビデオをご覧ください!
Do you know how many Camp Leaders from Uzbekistan!?

Food tour in Uzbekistan! (with Guide: Donik)


Have you ever tried Uzbekistan food before?
Let’s follow Donik on the food tour to different places in India now! Fasten your seatbelts and let’s go 😛

Did you enjoy the food tour?

Quiz time with Donik (try this after watching Donik’s video)

Q1) What is plov made with?
A. Bread and cheese
B. Rice and meat
C. Noodles and soup

Q2) What is inside a samsa?
A. Meat and onions
B. Fruits and chocolate
C. Rice and fish

Q3) How is shashlik cooked?
A. Boiled in water
B. Grilled on skewers
C. Fried in a pan

Q4) What kind of noodles are used in lagman?
A. Hand-pulled noodles
B. Instant noodles
C. Rice noodles

Q5) What is non?
A. A type of bread
B. A type of fruit
C. A type of soup