What are you doing now? Vol.039 – Karuna (EIC 2001, in Ritsumeikan APU)


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As always we hope this blog finds all our EIC members in good health, keeping the EIC spirit ‘Don’t be afraid of making mistakes..’ wherever you are and whatever you do. Also continue to keep in touch with EIC friends, Camp Leaders or Camp Staff! 

As Christmas and New Year is approaching us we hope everyone continue to stay safe, healthy at the same time able to spare sometime to read our EIC Blog chain ‘What are you doing now?’ volume 39.

It’s a great pleasure to feature a member who joined the first EIC which was held in the year 2001 at Ritsumeikan APU (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University), Beppu, Oita prefecture!!

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Name: Karuna
Hometown: Oita
Participated: EIC 2001, APU
Group Camp Leaders: Nana, Shradha, Karen        

Hello everyone. I’m Karuna Little Monkey. I joined EIC 2001(The first EIC!). I was a member of group 2, so my dear camp leaders are Karen, Shradha and Nana.

What are you doing now?

After graduating from one of the university in Japan in the Department of Architecture, I work in a Supreme Court as an electrical system designer. Recently I gave birth to my first child, so I’m currently on childcare leave. I enjoy spending all day with my baby 🙂

What do you remember about EIC?

I remember we did various things such as making T-shirts, drawing on our flags, making bamboo instruments, and created a very long vinyl kites. All activities were so much fun that I missed dearly. I cried a lot during a the farewell time at the graduation ceremony.

By the way, I also remember filling many of the daily diary blanks with “very very very…” because it was so difficult to write in English. I should try more expressing in English 🙂

What is your next challenge or goal?

I want to get licenses related to my job. Also, I want to study English again!

CHEERS to everyone for a healthy and happy life!

Message to EIC Family

Thank you for all EIC staff and camp leaders and other members who keeps our connection. I hope all EIC family live a healthy and happy life. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone someday!. Thank you for reading my blog.

We are looking forward to your comments and words of encouragement or even introducing yourself!

If you want to update any news about yourself, ‘Don’t be afraid…Let’s try communicating in English’ through sharing what you are doing now in our EIC Blog!

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  1. Shradha Balakrishnan より:

    Karuna!! So wonderful to see you featured here and to read about what you are doing! Congratulations on your baby! Gosh, I feel old now! hahaha Would love to keep in touch. Find me on Facebook 🙂

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