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Our EIC Blog chain ‘What are you doing now?’ volume 38, featuring one of our EIC friend from EIC 2012.
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Name: Hinami
Hometown: Shimane
Now: University student  
Participated: EIC 2012 Biwako
Group Camp Leaders: Vincent, Kat, Soksan, Shara        

Hello, EIC family! It is becoming very cold day by day. I’m Hinami Yamamoto. I was a member of EIC 2012! I have been living in Shimane Prefecture since I was born. Nice meeting everyone.

What are you doing now?

Now, I’m a second-year student in Shimane University. I major in medical and studying hard to be a doctor. It has been my dream which is to be a doctor since I was three. But, actually, I’m taking a year off from school to challenge a lot of things from May 2021! I have already challenged some things during leaving of absence. Firstly, I started a part-time job. Now, I’m working for the coffee shop. I love the coffee shop very much, so it’s very fun to work! Secondly, I participate in a musical, “Ai to chikyuu to kyoubai nin” 「あいと地球と競売人」. https://aitochikyu.com/ This musical has been performed by Shimane citizens for about 30 years. We will perform it in November, so I’m practicing very hard now! I am going to return to my university in April 2022!

What do you remember about EIC?

I have a lot of memories of EIC 2012! I was able to make many friends in all over Japan. Actually, I met one of my friends of EIC in January 2019! Even now, I have gotten in touch with few friends! In addition, all activities were impressive because at that time I was 11, even though it was difficult for me to do activities by using English. It was very hard to use English when I talked with my friends and leaders, but it was one of my unforgettable memories! I enjoyed all EIC’s activities and talking with my friends and leaders.

What is your next challenge or goal?

Now, I have not decided which clinical department I will work in yet, but I want to do something that I can help a lot of people. And, I’d like to participate in a musical ” Ai to tikyuu to kyoubainin” as a staff. In addition, I have a big dream! It is to travel around Japan and the world! Now, unfortunately, it is difficult for us to go travel because of Covid-19. But, after Covid-19, I want to go to a lot of prefectures and countries! These three points are my next goal.

Message to EIC Family

“Don’t be afraid of making mistakes” I think the EIC’s slogan has a very big power. A few days ago, an Australian who cannot speak and understand Japanese came to my coffee shop. I wanted to communicate with him in English, but I have only little courage. In a moment, I think of the slogan. The slogan gave me a big courage, and I was able to talk with him in English! So, I want you to do action! I believe that making mistakes makes us grow! That is why I’ll try anything. Thank you for reading my blog.

Thank you for reading Hinami’s blog!
We are looking forward to hearing from as many people, especially her EIC friends and camp leaders!

If you have any updated news ‘Don’t be afraid…Let’s try communicating in English through sharing what you are doing now in our EIC Blog!

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