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Name: Ayame
Participated: EIC 2010-2011, Biwako
Group Camp Leaders: Pubu, Zoey, MJ, Melody, Chamath, Magda, Erin, Habib

Hello! This is Ayame from Japan!

For those who joined the 2010 or 2011 camp, how are you guys doing!?!? Since I wasn’t so active in the after events, I barely know anyone’s life updates. Instead of asking you, let me share how my life is going so far!

What are you doing now?

After EIC, I went to the girls’ mission school which has intensive English education to improve my skills.
During my high school period, I moved to Finland for a year as an exchange student and learned a brand new language, Finnish. I learned a lot and was encouraged to be a person with diverse perspectives during my memorable, exciting and adventurous year in a rural small town in Finland.

I then started university life at ICU (International Christian University) majoring in politics and media & communication studies. There is supposed to have another exchange opportunity to Russia to study international politics and the Russian language, however, it was cancelled unfortunately due to the pandemic, but I’m still waiting for another chance to be an exchange student.

What do you remember about EIC?

The unforgettable moment at EIC was the first time I had a conversation with people from different countries and felt that my English was functioning as a common language. I was able to share what I felt, thought, and liked to the others and I could also understand them. At that moment I clearly recognized a purpose of learning that “the language is a key to unlock the unknown world and a ticket to travel across borders”.

On the other hand, however, I also became aware of my own limitation that it is difficult to complete a sentence and respond instantly. The practical conversations with camp-leaders are totally different from what I learn from handouts. Since then I focused more to practice conversations and expressions to speak exactly what I thought in my mind in English. It surely was a life-changing experience for me.

These photos are my memories of joining EIC…there are more and are very precious to me!

What is your next challenge or goal?

This is my fifth year at ICU and I am now in the master’s program. This summer, I will visit the US for the first time as the Japanese delegate for the 74th Japan America Student Conference!

Message to EIC Family

I miss all my EIC friends and camp leaders!! Please contact me freely if you are the one I know or anyone who is interested in my life experiences!

Thank you!

*From this year 2022, the camp name EIC will have its new name to GIC (Global Immersion Camp).

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