KECY: The Next Stage of EIC

Background of Kumon English Camp for Youth (KECY)

The present age increasingly demands the nurturing of internationally minded individuals. We held the 14th annual English Immersion Camp (EIC) this year, and about 2,500 children have participated in EIC since it began in 2001. We will continue to improve EIC and make it a forum where students can learn to communicate in English with people from different countries so as to broaden their horizons on the world. In addition, based on numerous EIC participants’ and parents’ requests, we have decided to hold a camp for young people of junior and senior high school age. As the next stage in the development of EIC, we hope that it will nurture people who can contribute to the global community and make the world a better place.


  1. To enable children to experience successful communication using English as a global language.
  2. To allow children to share a communal lifestyle with people from different countries and to realize the importance of understanding one another.
  3. To imbue children with the confidence to actively take on new challenges and strive for higher goals

The overall aims of KECY are the same as EIC but with a focus on the following three points:

  1. To enable participants to feel more confident English, and to promote active and independent communication in English.
  2. To encourage participants to embrace the differences of various cultures and values, and think about a variety of world issues with a global perspective.
  3. To increase participants’ motivation to study English and the desire to experience new environments that require communication in English.

Projected Program

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
Japanese orientation
*Program starts at 14:00
English gamesPresentation by guest speakerPresentations by participants
Ice breakingWorld dance, music& gamesDiscussion &research timeGraduation ceremony
*Program ends at 12:00
Group timeFeeling multi-cultures BBQ time
Communication workshopWorkshop
(about world issues)

Be more active!

Throughout the program output skills in English are focused on and participants are encouraged to proactively and independently communicate in English at an even higher level than in EIC.

Let’s discuss!

Participants have discussions about various topics in English. They learn about how to communicate in English as well.

Fun presentation!

Participants learn how to make a presentation in English and give a presentation in front of the whole group.

Be a global citizen!

Participants research world cultures and issues. They think deeply about what helpful actions they can take and they discuss their ideas with fellow participants.