Over the years we have been researching and presenting about English Immersion Activities.
Some researches have been conducted by the Kumon Institute of Education Co., Ltd. and some were with the cooperation external individuals and organizations.Please see the following reports.


Since FY2010, we have been researching and presenting about EIC with the cooperation of Prof. Katsuhiko Muto (Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin University and Sophia University Graduate School).We examined the effectiveness of EIC from the perspective of motivation of participants in learning English, by “opportunities of being in the surroundings in cultures of various countries” and “using English without fear of failure” during the camps. We have found that the children’s motivation for English was increased. In addition, as a result of research on changes in participants ‘confidence and interest using self-evaluation called Can-Do, EIC has increased the participants’ confidence in English and has the potential as a language learning environment.



  • Japan CLIL Education Society: J-CLIL Seminar 2017
    Title: CLIL Beyond the Classroom


  • Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin University Bulletin
    Title: Developing Can-Do Lists for Stay-over Type Language Programs




  • The 39th Annual Conference of the National Association for Language Education
    Title: Can-Do Self-Evaluation by English Camp Participants
    jalt2013_009(英語) (PDF 700KB) ©  1996-2014 by JALT
  • Japan Society for Children’s English Education (JASTEC) 34th National Convention
    Title:Changes in English learning motivation of participants in English camps-Focusing on international orientation-
    JASTEC2013 発表資料集原稿(英語)(PDF 250KB)


  • Language Learning Asian Conference
    Title:Cross-cultural Communication and Education for International Understanding through English Immersion Camp (EIC)
    ACLL(英語) (PDF 300KB)
  • The 38th Annual Conference of the National Association for Language Education
    Title:English Immersion Camp and International Posture
    jalt2012-056(英語) (PDF 700KB) ©  1996-2014 by JALT


  • EIC 2010 Report
    Title:The Power of KUMON English ~ English linguists learned from children KUMON’s English & EIC value
    EIC 2010 Report (PDF 734KB)

Profile of Mr. Katsuhiko Muto

Full-time lecturer at Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin University, Ph.D. student at Sophia University (Language Major). He specializes in applied linguistics and English education, especially in English camps, language study abroad programs, overseas training, and other intensive exposure studies. He is also the chairman of the UN Eiken guidance review committee and the coach of the 1000-hour hearing marathon.