Hello! Welcome to the EIC Cafe Introduction!

The EIC Café was started in March, 2013 by the Kumon Global Network Team (GNT) as a meeting place for past participants (mainly junior high school students and older) of the English Immersion Camp (EIC). Regular EIC Café meetings are held once every two to three months where members discuss activities they can do together with other members of the EIC family, including EIC participants, staff, and camp leaders. At the moment the EIC Café is only held in the Kansai and Kanto regions but we hope that it will spread to other regions in the future.

Purpose of the EIC Café

  1. Support each other’s goals and dreams, and to share information with each other after participating in the EIC.
  2. Continue to communicate in English at meetings and at various activities while strengthening and further improving the EIC family network.
  3. Think, plan and execute events and activities by themselves so as to become capable individuals that can contribute to global society.


Introducing the EIC Cafe KANSAI:


Introducing the EIC Cafe:

EIC Cafe Activities




Future Events

Information will be released from EIC Cafe’s Instagram account from time to time,
so please follow the account below for more information!

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We are looking for new members to join the EIC Cafe. Due to the current situation, that most plateforms are held online, if you are interested in taking some action, or want to participate in activities that you are required to communicate in English, or if you want to talk to Camp Leaders, please feel free to join us!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the direct message section of Instagram or contact GNT!