Hello, this is Eka.
I’m a member of EIC cafe @Kanto.
We, EIC cafe member joined EIC in Biwako this year.
5 Members were able to join in Biwako 1- Kotaro, Hiroto and I and in Biwako 2 – Satowa and Taisai.

It was our first challenge to join EIC as EIC cafe.
We joined from Day2 afternoon to Day4 morning.
It was too hot and difficult to go out for outdoor games on Day2, so Camp Staff decided to play games inside.
In order to increase motivation in kids and camp leader, Jane and two boys from EIC Cafe did Blouson Chiemi off the cuff.

It was really funny and excited everyone.
They worked together for the first time in this EIC.
I was inspired by good teamwork with EIC family.

We need to propel a matter as planned but sometimes we should change the plan and work flexibly.What we need for it is to predict multiple happenings and visualize many cases in advance, then we should believe that we can do it well.

I could have time to communicate with kids in the sleeping room.
It reminded me of my EIC friends.
In my case, sleeping room left an impression.
I could make important friends in the sleeping room.
Even now, I have kept in touch with her.
Like me, many kids seemed to enjoy their night communication time.
It was as if I went back to my childhood, so I felt nostalgic and also happy.

We helped World Food Market on Day3.
WFM was one of my most memorial activities.
At that time, I couldn’t understand the rule in which we need discount in order to get ingredients.

It was so complicated for me.
I was very confused at first but I came to gradually be able to understand how to play and enjoy it.
Kids were really enjoying their shopping and it made me feel that my experience was good memory now.

I spent really wonderful three days in EIC.
I want to say thank you to GNT and camp leaders and kids and all EIC family I met.
My memory of EIC is still my treasure and it is maturing every time I remember it.
I hope everyone who joined EIC maintain ties with EIC family and do their best in theis own places.
I’m really looking forward to seeing my EIC family next time.
See you then and let’s work hard today!

(What does this say?)
★If you want to join as a cafe member please contact GNT office.
Email: english.camp@kumon.co.jp

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