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The no.8th volume EIC Family Blog Chain is out!
We are featuring someone who is very much interested in sociology (しゃかいがく) and cross-cultural understanding (いぶんかりかい).
Enjoy reading till the end and please write your comments or words of encouragement to the writer.

Name: Nanami Saito      Hometown: Aichi     EIC Year participated: 2012   KECY: 2015
Now: Studying sociology and interested in inter-cultural understanding

Hello EIC Family….
Nice meeting you and my name is Nanami Saito. I join EIC in 2012 and KECY (Kumon English Camp for Youth) in 2015. I hope you like my blog and I will be waiting for your comments 

What I did before:

I finished my full and enriching high school life last March. Experience in EIC interest me in English and cross-cultural understanding.

So, when being a high school student, I tried to challenge and experience things related to them. For instance, I entered the high school which focus on English and cross cultural understanding, joined the Interact Club, in which we worked as volunteers and communicate with foreign students, visited Thailand as a representative from the prefecture, and took part in some projects in which I talked with foreign students in English or Japanese.
The reason why I challenged so many things was that my classmates inspired me a lot. They were active, energetic, positive, and willing to challenge whatever they wanted to.  Thanks to them, I could try whatever I wanted to, and enrich my high school life.

What are you doing now?

Now I go to university in Tokyo. I belong to the department of humanities and social sciences as a major, and take classes of global education program as a minor.

Why did you choose the things you are doing now?

I chose that university is that I want to learn both sociology (though I’m interested in social welfare now) and international things including English. Classes in university are quite different from ones inprimary, secondary, and high school. Especially in sociology, social welfare, and English discussion classes, professors tell us facts, but don’t tell us answers. And not all questions have clear answers. So we need to think deeply, and that’s difficult but interesting point to study in university.

Still, I’m interested in English and cross-cultural understanding. So, I belong to volunteer circles which guide people around Meiji Shrine, Asakusa, and Imperial Palace, and which mingle with foreign students studying in my university. I’m looking forward to what I can experience through those activities.

How EIC influenced your life?

I always kept the slogan of EIC, which was “don’t be afraid of making mistakes”  in mind. That phrase give me confidence in challenging.

Next challenge

In this summer, I’m going to take part in an academic seminar held in Vietnam. So, I prepare making a presentation and write a thesis for that. I’ve never join an academic seminar, so I’m nervous and also excited about it.
I’m planning to study abroad for a year next year. So I’ll try hard to improve my English skills in the 1st year. So I chose to take many classes in English in this term. Those classes give me much homework and burden on me. However, it’s necessary for me to achieve my dream of studying abroad and catch up with classes there, so I’ll never give up!
Therefore, I recently have busy days. Nevertheless, I’m really satisfied with it  because I chose to challenge them by myself.

Message to EIC family (especially the juniors)

Please keep the slogan “don’t be afraid of making mistakes” in mind. That’ll help you a lot when you want to try something but don’t have enough courage to do it. And I strongly recommend you to challenge whatever you want to because you only live once! 
Thank you so much for your time reading my blog!

The people whom I want to know

Friends: Saki Mizuide (EIC 2012), Marika Shimizu, Norie Yamaguchi, Saaya Nakagawa
Camp leaders: Nunu Takinana (KECY), Pubudu Anandagoda 

Those names mentioned in this blog please write to Nanami and if you wish to write in our blog don’t be afraid to contact the Global Network Team (GNT).
Even if you do not know Nanami, your  comment or words of encouragement to our EIC Family members means alot to her. Let’s make new friends!
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