1st EIC Cafe in Kanto 2019


Hello, this is Eka.
We held EIC Café (EIC OBOG) @Kanto on May 11th, 2019.
It was the first time to meet and this café has just started!
We introduced ourselves each other and shared our ideas such as what we were interested in now.

Our goal is “Learning about what happens in the world and Taking some action”. I really want to know the reality in the world and see it and feel it by myself. It means I want to make this EIC café where everyone tries new things and grows up.

At the break time, Yuko asked us what we wanted to drink. Some said milk tea and other said straight tea. We tried making milk tea with tea (without sugar) and milk and gum syrup! We did our best but it was difficult to make yummy one…

At this meeting, one friend said she played the ukulele. The other friend said she liked listening to music. Then, how about forming music group with EIC café member? Some of them play the ukulele and some play the bass guitar, the piano, the electric organ, the recorder, the tambourine, etc. We will play some EIC music; for example, chocolate, chicken dance, agadoo, We are the world, together, and so on. How fun it will be! Like this, what you want to try, can come true if you really hope to do it.

I believe so and EIC café is such a place. We are planning to hold English Sport Day on June 16th, 2019 at Yoyogi Park. It is like ‘Undoukai’ in Japan.

Everyone is welcome! Please join us and let’s have fun!! We are really looking forward to seeing you all. We will send more information by email soon!

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