APN (Ambassadors of Peace Network), the annual EIC gathering that has been carried out since 2006, will change its name to Global Network Initiatives (GNI).
The two main concepts below will remain as our objective

  • Carry out events where we can support each other’s growth, reconfirm our goals and dreams, and strive for further progress after EIC.
  • Think and learn about how we can be global citizens and contribute to the community.

GNI is an annual event that brings the EIC family together. The EIC family includes children who have participated in Kumon’s English Immersion Camp (EIC) in the past and their parents, as well as Camp Leaders and staff from various countries and regions.

Every year at GNI, we discuss various topics happening around the world through the activities of the program. We also meet with participants of EIC from different years and expand our global network.
Our past participants, who experienced the joy of communicating in English by participating in EIC (during elementary school grades 3 ~ 6), now can use English to learn about global issues and think about what they can do to tackle such problems through GNI. In addition, we can also see how they have grown up and become junior high school students, high school students and university students.

We want the participants to use GNI events as opportunities to take the initiative to share information about:

  • past activities or projects which they have been involved with
  • present activities they are now doing
  • future activities or projects they would like to carry out

Finally, we would also like to see participants continue to take the initiative in being active in sharing information about their activities or projects, and support one another even after events.

What does Global Network Initiatives (GNI) value?

Global → Foster a global perspective for cross-cultural understanding
Network → Adopt critical thinking with a diverse perspective
Initiatives →Think and provide on what actions can be taken using such perspectives

Based on these value, the name GNI was adopted.

GNI Reports

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