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Hello, everyone!

This is Asuka(EIC 2010) from EIC CAFÉ@KANSAI. How have you been recently?
Did your school already start?
My university has already started from the 1st of May (we had classes even during Golden Week) via some online systems such as Zoom, WebEx, Teams and Meet.

Have you ever used these kind of applications?
These applications enable us to connect with each other ONLINE! It is too useful for us, isn’t it?
I love these systems because we can talk with friends anytime and anywhere as long as each of us have some electronic devices like smartphone, tablet, or PC! Wow THE GIFT OF CIVILIZATION! HAHAHA 🙂

Okay so BY THE WAY, with one online system called ZOOM, we EIC café held online meeting events on 3rd and 10th of MAY with EIC Family members in Kansai Area! It was our first opportunity to have an online event, so we all were so concerned about what would happen and was under some uneasiness at some situations like if the participants feel bored or show no interest for our activity, but.. WE DID NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THEM because our online meeting event turned out to be a great success, exceeding our expectations.

In our online meeting, we had four new participants.
We introduced ourselves with participants in English and shared each hobby and what they are trying to do on 3rd of May and also shared the way how we spend a day killing time and talked about each of life chart for self-analysis on 10th of May. We divided all members into 2 groups so that all of us could have lots of opportunities to express their humble opinion, which achieved a successful outcome. On 10th of May we discussed what influences your life both in a good way and a bad way with one chart or graph of each life like below.

Each of us tried to explain when they were depressed, felt happy or sad, and the other members also tried to ask some questions to the speaker. We hope this opportunity will help all of them think about goals or dreams with lots of advices from other members.

Participant Comments (Japanese Only)

< FROM EIC CAFÉ Members>

  • Tomoha (EIC 2015)


  • Satowa (EIC 2012)

初めてのオンラインイベントにしては、スムーズに進行できたと思う。ライフチャートの企画者としては、普段のEIC cafeと違う方向性のことが出来たので良かったと思う。1番嬉しかったことは、メンバーが2人も増えたこと!人数が増えて、オンラインでも出来ることをこれから進めていきたい。


  • 英語で会話するのはまだまだ難しかったけど、環境などに対して伝えたいことを英語で話すことがとても楽しかった
  • 今回の機会が英語で海外の人と楽しく交流できるための第一歩になるといいと思う



Do you remember the EIC Slogan?!

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