EIC CAFE Kansai for GNI


My name is Yugo Onuma. I joined EIC 2018.
Nice to meet you, everyone. I’m a member of EIC cafe @Kansai.
I joined EIC café meeting on October 27th.
There were six members: Tomoha , Satowa , Suzuno , Momoka , Yuka, and I.

I will write about this meeting from now. We will do table discussion(座談会), in GNI 2020. We decided the details of table discussion and role of the day. And, we decided EIC cafe’s activities for next year. We will try something new next year. Please see our presentation in GNI. For that, I think that I have to study English more.

Also we enjoyed having lunch with talking together.

We will hold next meeting to think about how to make GNI a better place and report our activities.
If you are interested in EIC cafe @ KANSAI, please join us!

★If you want to join as a cafe member please contact GNT office.
Email: english.camp@kumon.co.jp

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