Congratulations (September 2019)


Hello everyone! This is Jane, GNT Staff from Thailand.
Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the nice weather.
What have you been up to?
For me, last month many camp leaders and staff graduated,
and Kay, Yuko and I  attended some of their beautiful graduation ceremonies. It was very wonderful to see all the Camp Leaders with big smiles in their faces.
So let’s say CONGRATULATIONS to the Camp Leaders and Camp Staff who have achieved one of their dreams, this is another step to achieving their goals.
All together 23 Camp Leaders and 1 Camp Staff, they are:

Aimi, Amelie, Bella, Ebka, Erica, Fufu, Grace, Haeweon, Helena, Iko, Kathy,
Mahi, Morris, Parn, Patty, Pitayya, Rani, Rish, Shafira, Shin, Tahsin, Teru, Thu, and Yoshi

Next, some will start working in Japan and some will be going back to their home countries, and some will continue to study. We may all be in different parts of the world, but let’s wish them good luck and a bright future ahead, and let’s keep in touch and stay connected and keep our EIC Family Network Strong!!
Until we meet again 
Here are some photos for you! (sorry some people were cut  )

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