New Member of GNT (Yuko Ueno)


My name is Yuko Ueno.

I was assigned to the Global Network Team in February 2024.

This is my second time working with this team.
Let us do our best and share the joy.
Expand and deepen your network through great experiences.

Next is Q&A about me:

What I like to do in free time

I like drawing pictures.
My daily routine is to go for a walk with my cat.

Academic & Work experience

I studied linguistics at graduate school in the United States. I also worked in the U.S. for four years.
I visited many Kumon centers in quite a few countries and met many wonderful students and Instructors.

My Dream

I want each and every one to think “I want to learn more, I enjoy learning, and we can achieve great results by learning from each other.”



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