Message from GNT Leader (Enoki san)


The Restart After Corona Event was held at the end of March. Thank you very much to everyone who attended.

It was a pleasure to make contact with people who used to work with the GNT.

Thank you also for the questionnaires. Here are some of the questionnaires we received from you…

・I was happy to see my old friends after a long time.

・It reminded me of the time when I was working hard as a camp leader.

・I learned that the GNT is still involved in various activities and I want to continue to work with them.

The following are some of the comments we received from the participants towards the future.

・I would like you to provide opportunities to get together in other places, even though this time it was in Osaka.

・I would like to see more opportunities to get together in other places.

・I would like to see the establishment of a system that enables people to connect with each other.

Thank you very much for your constructive opinions.

Some of the opinions could not be considered within the team alone and we felt that it was good to hear your opinions on future management.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in person, but we would also like to thank you again on this occasion.

Due to the team’s manpower, budget, priorities and other factors, some things cannot be realized immediately, but we would like to take your opinions as messages of support and use them as reference for future operations.

We are planning to carry out the following three activities that we can make use of immediately in our future operations.

Official Facebook

We are currently using Facebook for introducing our meetings and the contents of our meetings, but we would like to make it easier for those who are registered on our official Facebook page to post their comments on it.

We will post the names of those who attend our team meetings on Facebook.

In the course of informing you about this Restart After Corona Event, we have received several enquiries asking whether or not some past camp leaders and participants will be attending the meeting. We had to take steps such as contacting the person with their permission to give them personal information, but we reflect that it would have been easier for many people to attend if the information had been more open.

For this reason, we have decided to include a question item in future activity events asking if it is OK to disclose your willingness to participate on our official Facebook page.

We would like to invite as many people as possible to participate in our future activities. If you have no problem with making your willingness to participate public on our official Facebook page, we would be very grateful for your cooperation.

Future operation of the ‘My Recommended Book, Place to Travel or Person’ Event

From 2024 onwards, we will organize events called ‘ My Recommended Book, Place to Travel or Person’ Event to make it easier for you to interact with us. The first event will be held on 16 June. It is not too late to join us, so please do so.

The event will of course be a time for you to share your recommendations, but we will also have free time for you to get to know each other better.

We will continue to work as a team through trial and error, but we look forward to working with you in the future.

We are currently preparing for the Global Immersion Camp (GIC). We are excited that many participants have signed up for this year’s event. All team members want to do our best.


3月末に、Restart After Coronaの会を開催いたしました。ご参加いただいた皆様、お申込みいただいた皆様、どうも有難うございました。かつてGNTと共に活動した皆様と接点をもってて嬉しかったです。













チームのマンパワー 予算 優先度などがあるため、すぐに実現できないもものもありますが、皆さんからご意見を応援メッセージと受け止めて、今後の運営の参考にして行きたいと思います。



→ 現在、会合の案内、会合の内容紹介などで多く活用しておりますが、公式Facebookにご登録頂いている皆様にも、気軽にご投稿頂ける状態を目指したいと思います。


・当チームの会合に参加する方のお名前を Facebook上に投稿する

今回のRestart After Coronaの会のご案内をしている中で、「○○は参加するのかしないのか」というお問い合わせをいくつか頂きました。個人情報をお伝えすることになるために、ご本人に許可を取って連絡するなどの手段を取らざるを得ませんでしたが、もっと情報がオープンになっていると、多くの方が参加しやすかったと振り返っています。



今後の「おすすめの 本・旅・人」イベントの運用について

2024年度以降、皆様に交流頂きやすいように、「おすすめの 本・旅・人」というイベントを開催いたします。初回は6月16日となっております。今からでも間に合いますので是非ご参加ください。



追記 現在、グローバルイマージョンキャンプに向けた準備を進めております。今年も多くの参加者にお申込みいただき、盛り上がっております。チームメンバー一同ベストを尽くしたいと思います。

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