Global Immersion Camp 2022 Let’s explore together, and make this world a better place to live.

Due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, we have unfortunately decided not to hold any physical camps for the fiscal year 2022, we have decided to hold it online, more details on the updates and changes will be announced on this website on a later date.

About GIC

English Immersion Camp, started in 2001, will be renewed as the Global Immersion Camp (GIC). Like EIC, in addition to utilizing English as one of the communication tools to connect with the world, GIC aims to broaden participants’ horizons, help all participants to learn about the world, and enable them to think about what each individual can contribute to the society, together.

Knowing more about the world may change participants’ awareness of things around them, and how they live their day-to-day lives. To know themselves, recognize each other's differences, and cooperate to help each other. We hope that participants will have an opportunity to think about what they can do in the future.

Initiatives for new camps

We hope that this will be a camp that will be an opportunity for new connections and new challenges after participation. As a new initiative, GIC will utilize the network it has cultivated over the past 20 years to increase opportunities for past camp participants to get involved. We will involve previous participants of various camps to be a part of the new camps and create inspiration and motivation for the generation that follows.

Global Immersion Camp 4 Features


Sharing a Communal Lifestyle with People from all over the World

Sharing a communal lifestyle with people from all over the world not only deepens interest and understanding of one another, but also gives one confidence from understanding those differences.


Know, Learn, and Think about the World

Start by knowing what is happening in the world and learn together the process of thinking "what would you do?"


Progress Through a Growth Journey-based Program

While valuing getting used to the environment and building relationships with new friends, this is a program where you can challenge yourself in an environment where you can be yourself and steadily step up.


Encounters with Previous Camp Participants from Past Years

Meet and be inspired by friends from all over Japan, camp leaders from all over the world, previous camp participants as “older brothers” and “older sisters,” and people from various backgrounds.


Value of GIC & Voices of Participants


I was able to meet a lot of people and got to know different things about the world in this camp. I gained confidence in communication. Also, I feel that Japan is a country that values equality a lot. So, I want to see and treat everyone around the world equally!
(Grade 4 Participant)


Almost a week of living away from parents and using only English– everything was a first-time experience for my son. Moreover, he was the type of child who is not very good at socializing and his English was also a bit weak. So, I was quite worried about him. However, it turns out there was no need for me to worry. When I came to see my son at the graduation ceremony, instead of joyfully reuniting with us, he was unwilling to say goodbye to all the friends and camp leaders he made in the camp. Seeing my son like this and hearing him say, ‘I want to come again next year!’ I felt that it was a very valuable experience for him. If there are parents out there who think this kind of camp might not be for their children, I would like to encourage them to believe in their child’s potential and let them experience the camp.
(Parent of a Grade 5 Participant)

Messages from EIC Past Participants

EIC 2018 Volunteer Camp Staff (EIC 2010 Participant Eka)

EIC was a chance for me to change myself. Originally, I was not an active person and was not good at expressing my thinking to others. In EIC, I was able to meet with many amazing people including my friends, Camp Leaders, and Camp Staff. I was inspired by friends who are always pro-active and who are always happy and I was able to learn how to realize who I truly am.

And this year, that I have now become a university student. This is the time for me to step up and rise to new challenges. I started wanting to ask myself, ‘From now on, what can I do for myself and what can I do for others?.’ Hence, I wanted to come back to EIC– my turning point. I thought that this is the perfect timing for me to look at myself again and give back to EIC– the place I could never be grateful enough for. My hope was for all EIC participants to be able to get the same amazing experience I have had in EIC.

EIC 2019 Volunteer Camp Staff (EIC 2010, 2011 Past Participant Haru)

EIC is my precious place where I learned a lot about this world and got my dream of working for international cooperation. This year, I applied to VCS because I want to give back to EIC. It was a great learning experience for me to observe how the camp is organized at the backstage. Also, through preparing my presentation about ‘What I have challenged after EIC’ and thinking about how I can make an impact on children with it, I could reflect upon myself and improve my presentation and communication skills. I could learn a lot in EIC 2019, as I did in EIC 2010 and 2011.

I would love to come back to EIC again. I am really looking forward to the opportunity!

Introducing GIC


Aim of GIC

  • To develop a broadened world view by sharing a communal lifestyle with people from different backgrounds and, thereby, come to realize the importance of mutual understanding.
  • To explore one’s potential and, thereby, to gain skills and knowledge to understand society.
  • To think proactively and strive to contribute to society.

Through the GIC, we hope to nurture individuals who can contribute to the global community.


GIC slogan

Let’s explore together, and make this world a better place to live.

Let’s imagine what a better world would be like, together, with English as a tool! Let's discover the possibilities and find out!


Growth Image and Program Introduction

In the GIC, the program is structured to consider each activity and growth image over the course of six days so that each participant can develop individually. Pre-trained camp leaders from different countries will facilitate and carry out the activities during the camp period.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be introduced through introductions by camp leaders of their countries/regions. More awareness and familiarity will inspire participants to think about global issues while sharing a communal lifestyle with camp leaders and friends from all over Japan. It is also an opportunity to think and raise awareness.


1English Festival

Make many new friends from all over Japan by playing games, singing, and dancing along to English songs.

2Team-building Activities

Through various fun team-building activities, children work together as a team to overcome challenges.

3Traveling around the World

By experiencing diverse cultures, children learn more about different cultures and broaden their worldviews.


Learn about global issues, think about what each of us can do, and come up with ideas on how to contribute and take action.

5Amazing Japan

Introducing Japan's famous tourist destinations, cultural experiences, delicious food, etc., in a role-play game format.

6Poster Presentation

At the end of the camp, children give a presentation in front of everyone about which global issues they learned about in the camp, and how their groups can contribute to help solving related problems after GIC.

Leaders who are Eager to Nurture Children’s Development

As facilitators, we interview and pre-train university and graduate students from all over the world who are studying in Japan. Those who use English on a daily basis are also experienced learners of English as a second/third language. We put importance on discovering the changes in each child and on celebrating their growth together.

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History of Global Immersion Camp

EIC's Network has been Around for 19 years. It has grown to have 3,561 participants / 577 camp leaders (from 90 countries/regions of origin).(In 2020 and 2021, the camp was canceled due to the pandemic)

EIC, which started as a camp emphasizing the utilization English as a communication tool since 2001, will be implemented as GIC from 2022 as a tool to learn more about the world and broaden horizons as English becomes more familiar.

After the Camp

Even after GIC, we would like to continue to support each other and provide opportunities to raise interest to achieve dreams and goals. With the EIC/GIC Family Network, we hope to create a welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy and inspire one another, regardless of the participating year of EIC/GIC.

Global Network Initiatives

This is an annual event where past EIC participants reunite to share their current situation and challenges, and support each other's dreams and goals with the purpose of expanding and strengthening the EIC family network.

Study Tour

We carry out domestic and international study tours for EIC participants where they can deepen their understanding about different global issues and local initiatives through experiential learning. The aim of the study tour is to broaden children’s worldviews and raise their global awareness.

EIC Cafe

A forum to gather for past EIC participants (mainly junior high school students and above). The members of the EIC Café hold regular discussions and events with the purpose of strengthening and contributing to the EIC family network.

Voices of GIC Supporters

”The synergy of daily learning and immersion activities that open the door to the world.” Komi Ofuna (Kumon Instructor, Okamoto Center)
”EIC and EID: Opportunities to put learning into practice by challenging communication in English.” Professor Hideaki Mukago (Head of English Education Development Center, College of International Studies, International Studies Department, Keiai University)
To read more about the values of Kumon English Immersion Activities from experts’ perspectives, please click on the link below.


Participants' Recruitment (Only available in Japanese)

GIC2022 Pamphlet

Click here for information on recruitment updates, terms and conditions for participation, as well as how to apply.

GIC Calendar

This is GIC's annual schedule. If you are considering participating in EIC, please refer to this document.

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