Hello, everyone! How are you doing?
I’m Tatsu from Global Network Team.
Are you busy with your school?

We are getting busy with preparation for EIC 2016.
We went to Beppu last week and we are going there again this weekend.
Have you been to Beepu before?
Beppu is a very nice place! You can enjoy good foods, hot springs, and of course APU! It’s on the top of mountain.
Many camp leaders are from the university! In the cafeteria, there are a variety of international foods.
You might be able to see your camp leaders!

Please visit when you have time! Since there were big earthquakes in Kumamoto, Beppu got also afftected and the number of travelers in Beppu is decreasing considerably. Due to this serious situation, Japanese government decided to support people who travel to Kyusyu financially. 

Even though we can not do big contribution, travelling to kyusyu is one of meaningful contributions and each one of us can do visit Kyusyu, have fun, drop money, and share your experience with people around you!

Please share with us when you go to Beppu and kyusyu!

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