EIC2015 Impression


 Hi, everyone! How are you?

EIC2015 was held in this summer, and it was very fun!  
Thank you for coming EIC 2015!
Please check EIC 2015 report.

We received a lot of impressions from our friends, thanks!
Some of you tried to write it in English. Great!
We will introduce some of them.

At first I didn’t have confidence, but gradually I have gained confidence.
Camp leaders are very very kind!
Now I like writing diary because my group camp leaders encourage me.

This camp slogan is “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Let’s try communicating in English!” This word is very important. I studied many things and I made many many friends! I enjoyed EIC and I have a lot of fun!

The camp leaders were very friendly and kind. The room and food were good, too.
I had a very nice time at EIC. Thank you camp leaders. Thank you friends. I won’t forget this very good camp.

EIC lives in my heart forever. And I become international nurse!
It was difficult for me to use only English every day, but it was a very good experience. I want to study English much more, and I also want to go to see various countries.
At first I couldn’t speak English well but I was happy because camp leaders and my friends understood me. And they spoke to me slowly. They were gentle.

I was afraid of joining in the EIC, because I could not speak English very much. But I was very excited and enjoyed the camp because everyone was kind to me.
 My favorite activity was “Travelling Around the World and “World Food Market.” I learn about many countries. Thank you my friend and camp leaders. I’m looking forward to the next time we can meet. I love EIC.
Everyone did a good job and wrote great impressions!
Thank you so much, and keep studying and communicating in English!

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