What are you doing now…..? Vol.004 – Daigo Takeuchi (EIC 2014)


Hi EIC Family,
This month (March, 2019) in our ‘BLOG CHAIN’ we are featuring Daigo Takeuchi from EIC 2014. Please see below to find out what he is doing now, what is his next challenge. At the end let’s see who are the next person he wanted to know and are curious about now. Please enjoy reading till the end.
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Name: Daigo Takeuchi     Hometown: Shiga Prefecture      EIC Year participated: 2014
Now: Studying in one of the high school in Shiga Prefecture.

What you are doing now?

I am studying in Zeze high school from April 2018. The school is famous for its motto“Be good at both academics and sports.” First, I’d like to tell you about academics. We have to make preparation for Math, English and Japanese lessons. The pace of the lessons is very fast. Therefore studying in Zeze high school is very demanding (きつい)& hard. Second is about sports. Even though studying is hard nevertheless I belong to the rowing club; one of the most famous-tough club in this school. Everyday I’m busy and exhausted, but my school life is very fulfilling! 

Why did you choose the things you are doing now?

I choose Zeze high school is because I want to get high quality education, teachers and great friends. I hope I can acquire many things such as scholarship and friendships. I feel that I have acquired them so far. About my club activity, before entering high school I didn’t belong to rowing club. I wanted to challenge a new sport. So I searched what sport clubs are there in Zeze high school. I decided to go for rowing club as it makes good use of the landform: Lake Biwa. Above all I felt rowing is a very beautiful sport as the movement requires harmony with all members.

How EIC has been an influenced in your life?

I became more active through EIC because of the activities. Actually, I was a very shy person before I joined EIC. But those activities gave me confidence. So, I could be more active than before.
First effect of my change is that I joined 2nd OST (Overseas Study Tour) on my own judgement.

After that I joined two Tohoku trips and the 3rd OST.
Doing so helped me in becoming more and more active! I went back to EIC to share my experienced and encouraged the participants by giving a short speech in English. I continue to challenge various things such as being a member of EIC Café too.  Without those experiences, I wouldn’t have been what I am today. This year (2019) I will join the 4th OST too!!

Participated in 3rd Overseas Study Tour (OST) in Thailand

Also, EIC taught me the pleasure to communicate with foreigner in English. This is also the effect of my change to become active.

What is your next challenge?

Hope you all are doing well!!
Always be greedy for new knowledge and experience, and keep on progress! In the future I want to work that has conenction with foreign people. I’m going to try to take chances to challenge especially that are useful for my dream, example doing things related to English or sudying abroad. Also I have a dream for my rowing club activity which is to participate in the Inter-High school competition. But to do so, first I have to be at a higher level rower in my cllub. And we have to win first in my prefecture. It is tough but I will try to do my very best.

Message to EIC Family (Juniors)

When you have to challenge something don’t be afraid of making mistakes (EIC Slogan). We can use past mistakes as a stepping stone for making things better and move forward towards achieving success. Therefore please keep on challenging without being afraid of making mistakes!

Who would you want to know about (Friend in EIC or Camp Leader)?

Friends: Kazuki Yamamoto,  Kotaro Oishi, Reika Yamamoto, Mizuki Watanabe (EIC 2014).
Camp Leaders: Shi, Fauzan, Biyan, Boat, Anoj, ThanTan….Oh it is endless…haha
Global Network Team will be contacting those people whose name are mentioned in this article for the next blog.As for those name not mentioned here but interested to write in the ‘Blog Chain’ please contact Global Network Team at english.camp@kumon.co.jp


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  1. GNT Maza より:

    Hello Daigo.
    How are you?
    What are you doing now Daigo?
    We have not seen you active with GNT activities lately.
    Must be very busy with study now ya?
    Keep us update of what you are doing now when you have the time.
    Ok, take care Daigo.
    Stay safe and healthy.

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