What are you doing now…..? Vol.011 – Taisei Hamaguchi (EIC 2012&2013)


Hello EIC Family!
AUTUMN (FALL) season is coming soon!!
We can see beautiful and colorful leaves!
Please share with us where is the best place to see colorful leaves.
But before that….our friend from EIC Family will share his updates after EIC with everyone in our no. 11th blog.
Who is he and what his updates? Do read till the end don’t forget to write your comments or words of encouragement.

Name: Taisei Hamaguchi
EIC Year participated: 2012 & 2013
Hometown: Yokohama
Now: Studying in a high school near the sea and seems to be majoring in marine education and loves traveling!

Hello EIC Family….

What I did before

Me now
Me in EIC 2012

I participated in EIC in 2012 and 2013. I also wanted to participate in EIC in 2014, but I couldn’t. This was because I was studying to enter a private junior and senior high school. I studied so hard and I passed the exam. I entered Zushi-Kaisei junior and senior high school which I wanted to go to.

What are you doing now?

Zushi-Kaisei Junior and High School
Sailing Practice

As I wrote above, I’m in Zushi-Kaisei junior and senior high school. My school is famous for marine education because my school is near the sea. lt takes only 1 minute to go to a beach! That’s why my school is famous for sailing club. Also, I belonged to sailing club when I was in junior high school. Sailing is not the only activity held in the sea. When I was in the third grade of junior high school, we had to swim 1,500m in the sea! All students in my grade can swim 1,500m because we practiced very hard to swim 1,500m since the first grade. In the senior high school, I don’t belong to any club. I’m enjoying my hobbies and studying very hard now. On the other hand, I participated in some Kumon events after I entered junior and senior high school. I participated in EIC 15th anniversary event, GNI and 4th OST in Indonesia. I’m also a member of EIC Cafe Kanto.

Why did you choose the things you are doing now?

I wrote that I don’t belong to any club in senior high school. This is because I wanted to have more time to do my hobbies such as traveling. As a result,I have been to 46 prefectures in Japan!(One more left is Nagasaki)Not only domestic traveling, I also like overseas traveling. That is why I first decided to participate in 4th OST in Indonesia. It was very precious experience for me. I made new friends there and I found that it had a great fun. After I participated in 4th OST in Indonesia, I became a member of EIC Cafe Kanto. Participating in Kumon events makes me comfortable. It is no exaggeration to say that it is part of my life.

How EIC influenced your life?

Before I participated in EIC, I was not confident whether I can speak English or not.

However, the experience of talking with camp leaders in English made me confident. I was glad when camp leaders understood my English. This experience was also helpful when I went to New Zealand when I was in junior high school.

In New Zealand, I did homestay and I had to speak English during my homestay. Thanks to experience in EIC, I could speak English with confidence and I could tell what I want to say to my host family. I learned it is important to have confidence from EIC.

Next challenge

I’m in the second grade of senior high school, so I have to study to enter a university. I haven’t decided yet which university to go, but I want to study language, history, and geography in a university. On the other hand, I want to participate in Kumon events as much as possible while I’m studying hard to enter a university.

Message to EIC family:

Try whatever you want to because you if you don’t try you will never know the result! 

Thank you so much for your time reading my blog!

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