What are you doing now…? Vol.024 – John from Kenya (Camp Leader in EIC 2006-7)


From Global Network Team (GNT)

 Hello ALL EIC members,
Greetings from GNT in Shin Osaka.
We are two months away before saying goodbye to the year 2020!
Time passes so quickly, right?

In the past blog, we have been introducing our EIC participants but this time for the EIC blog chain we will introduce a Camp Leader from 2006-7. Let’s read what our camp leader is doing now in our EIC blog Chain volume no. 23!

Enjoy reading till the end 🙂 You can find this blog in our KUMON-EIC Facebook group too.

Name: Mungai John Njoroge
Nickname: John
Hometown: Kenya, Africa
EIC Years participated: 2006, 2007
Present: Live in Tokyo

What am I doing now?

After EIC camp, I graduated and joined Fujitsu , a Technology company with a global interest. My job involved mainly communicating between Japan team and our Europe team, based in Munich. I have always had a passion for changing people`s lives and that is why I am currently working in the Pharmaceutical industry at Bayer. We challenge to find the best care for patients suffering from quite challenging diseases in either; Cancer, blood-clotting or even age-related eye diseases. My main role is to ensure we have enough research funds available to be able to investigate possible cures and usually our studies take 10-15 years to achieve.

How has EIC been influential in my life?

EIC was such an amazing experience for me; both as a student as well as someone very much interested in education. I experienced so many cultures and ways of thinking and it helped me built my leadership skills. I really appreciated the slogan of ‘Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.’ I always use this even in my work or even when coaching my juniors and even my two kids. Thanks a lot EIC!

Next Challenge

I have two lovely kids, all born in Japan. My next challenge is to ensure they grow up to be culturally aware, ready to challenge difficult tasks and always never to fear making mistakes.

People I want to hear from:

My great Camp leaders, Gabi and Tarta. How are you doing?! We probably couldn’t see this day coming.

Message to Kanata:

Dear Kanata,

I am so glad to hear from you after so long! And I am so proud that you truly followed your dreams and still keeping on your challenging spirit. You will be surprised, but I have also visited Munich before, but on a business trip. It is a city so deep in history, and indeed, beautiful; the museums, castles and of course, the English Garden. Please keep on that spirit, and never fear to make a mistake when you aim so high. I am very impressed that you have a passion to learn to help others` injuries, but also that you already sharing your knowledge with the community around you. As someone who was once an International student in a foreign culture, I know how difficult initially it can be, but also how joyful it is to share your own thoughts and experiences to others. Keep the passion, kindness and curiosity!

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  1. GNT Jane より:

    For those who are reading this, please also find more information about John’s passing, may his soul rest in peace.


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