What are you doing now…..? Vol.023 – Gabi from Hungary (Camp Leader in EIC 2006-8)


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Hello ALL EIC members,    

 In this blog too we will introduce another Camp Leader but from 2006-8. Let’s read what our camp leader is doing now in our EIC Blog Chain! Enjoy reading till the end 🙂 You can find this blog in our KUMON-EIC Facebook group too. . ========================

What are you doing now?

I have been an English teacher since I came to Japan, first part-time, as a university student, and after I graduated, full-time, until my baby was born. I have a daughter now. I love to teach English. Seeing my students grow and enjoy their studies is the reward that makes it worth continuing. That is why I took a Diploma course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Now I am living in Hiroshima with my own family.

Why did you choose the things you’re doing now?

I had always wanted to have a family and finally my dream came true. As for teaching, actually since I was small (first grader), I remember making worksheets for imaginary students and pretending to be a teacher. When I was 15, I assisted my judo trainer with a group of young children and later I became a judo trainer. I quit judo after 15 years and came to Japan. I became an English teacher. I guess, teaching is my path.

How EIC has been an influence in your life?

At first, I came to Japan to study Japanese for one year. However, after I joined EIC in summer, I decided to continue studying in APU for a Master degree. As EIC opened the world for me, I realized that I had more potentials to discover. I joined EIC two more times and thanks to that and my time spent in an international university like APU. I learnt a lot about cultural differences and mutual understanding. The knowledge I gained has been useful in my working career too.

Talking about EIC, recently I got a chance to meet my EIC group kid (Kanata) through EIC Reunion Video Chat Online! I am extremely happy to have meet her even online. She is now a university student studying in Germany! So proud of her.

What is your next challenge?

I am planning to take an IELTS exam, that has proven to be challenging for some native speakers of English, as wel. So I have to do my best. I also need to practice driving, as, at the moment, I am a “paper driver”. Wish me luck!

Message to EIC participants

Learning English is your ticket to the world! But it is only the first step toward all kinds of paths you can choose later in your life. Use your chance of studying English and the sky will be your limit to dicover your potentials.

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