EIC 2016 Completion Report


English Immersion Camp 2016 has been completed!

This year the English Immersion Camp (EIC) was again held. The camps were held from August 1st through August 23rd. Three EIC sessions held at Biwako and one EIC session was held in Izu. There were a total of 323 participants at the four camps! The participants were elementary school students, hailing from Hokkaido in the north and Okinawa in the south as well as many places in between, ranging in age from third graders through sixth graders. It was the first time for many of the students to spend time away from their parents. They all bravely took on many new challenges, from the camp opening ceremony all the way through the camp graduation ceremony. A heartfelt thanks to all participants!

English Immersion Camp: characteristics of the six-day and the four-day camps

The EIC program was divided into two formats depending on English ability. In particular, the focus of six-day EIC is on how much participants can communicate in English with Camp leaders from all over the world. This leads to personal growth. (Please read the reports by participants.)

Linking up with people from around the world!

This was the 16th year that the EIC has been held. For the first time Camp Leaders from the countries of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and from the Federated States of Micronesia took part in EIC. There were many Camp Leaders from pacific nations who introduced the culture of their countries and gave demonstrations of the dances for which they are so well known.

EIC has now hosted Camp Leaders from a total of 81 countries. Almost all of those Camp Leaders were non-native speakers of English. The children who participate in the camp learn how to make connections with people from around the globe.

Learning about culture from around the world in English!

At EIC we aim to encourage cultural exchange with such activities as “Knowing the World,” “Traveling the World,” and “World Food Market.”
As in past years, the Camp Leaders at this year’s EIC implemented a variety of activities introducing information about their native countries. Many children remarked that they were very interested in the clothing, food, currency, traditional dances etc. that the Camp Leaders introduced to them. This was a great chance for the children to experience things that they would not normally have a chance to encounter in everyday life in Japan.

Features of the EIC learning program

Students studied not only such fundamentals as basic greetings but also received a great deal of background information on many cultures. The emphasis at EIC is not simply on “speaking in English.” Rather, we stress that students should strive for a deeper understanding of the information that they are exposed to.

Successful experiences of using English to communicate

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.
Let’s try to communicating in English!

This is the EIC slogan and we made sure that students followed it in many activities of the camp. Students can start from the level of words. They are encouraged to use gestures and do their best to make themselves understood. Students want to understand the other people participating in EIC and want to communicate their feelings to others. The objective is not to speak perfectly fluent English. The real goal is to promote communication between participants and Camp Leaders about subjects they are interested in.

Making a contribution to society

“We aim to foster sound, capable people and thus contribute to the global community.”

There are many problems in society that students don’t notice in their daily lives and other actions that they take that negatively affect the environment. One goal of EIC is to make students more aware of these problems. This year we again collected PET bottle caps. A total of 20,382 were collected. The money raised was used to pay for 23.7 doses of vaccines. Students earned 6,974 “Well Done Points” (see link below). These points will be converted into money by the Hotel Biwako Plaza and the Izu Training Center, which were the venues where the EIC was held this year. The resulting money will be used for such charitable causes as digging wells in Sri Lanka and aiding areas affected by natural disasters.ウェルダンポインWell-done points

Well done points

PET Bottles Cap Project

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