Due to the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19), we will not be recruiting new Group Leaders

Kumon Institute of Education Co., Ltd, Global Network Team is recruiting Volunteers; both International & Japanese, university students and non-students who are enthusiastic, energetic, passionate & willing to commit their time in our Kumon English Immersion Day (EID) program for Japanese elementary 3rd – 6th grade students.

What we hope to achieve through EID

  • Participants (children) are able to understand that English is not just a subject but also one of the tools for communication and that anyone can use it.
  • Participants gain confidence in expressing themselves in English as a second language and feel motivated to continue to study further with a clear purpose in mind.
  • Observers (parents & instructors) too are able to acknowledge the above viewpoints and change the stereotypical thinking that the English language belongs only to native speakers.

Some incentives in joining EID program in English with local Japanese children:

  • Have an amazing and memorable experience with Japanese elementary students.
  • Get to work with EID group leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Transportation fee for both days (training & EID event day) are covered.
  • *Lunch box will be provided to all group leaders on EID event day.
  • Receive an appreciation (thank you) fee of ¥11,000 (this is not a part time job).
  • Receive a certificate upon completion of trainings(Online & Onsite), participation in EID day and submission of feedback survey.

*In regards to lunch, GNT will try our best to accommodate food restrictions such as allergies and religious reason. However, please understand that we may not be able to cater to all your requests. If you have concerns about food, please consult with us before applying.

EID digest video

Group Leaders impression video

Basic Requirements


Category Contents Foreigners Japanese
Students or non-students Undergraduate to Post graduate, Researcher or non-students
Age 18 years and above
Nationality No particular country
Language English (proper daily conversation- Intermediate)
Visa Hold a Japan visa (non-tourist) or working permit
Insurance Possess a valid health Insurance
Contact E-mail, LINE, WhatsApp, Facebook or Phone (Japan number)
Experience Prior working with children is not necessary. Most importantly, likes children and passionate about nurturing their growth.
Schedule Must be available for both dates (Training and EID)

Recruitment Process & Requirements

  1. 01 For first time applicant, before applying it is compulsory to read through the e-EXPLANATORY COURSE available online (UMU) to understand who we are, and what we do. You need to sign up and then register (free) with your own name. Click on the ログイン (at the top right) and click 言語 to change to English. Once you have selected the language click 完了. Enter the necessary information and click Register now and you can start the course. You must go through each section before pressing ‘Next’.
  2. 02 Apply and complete all the questions through the online application.
  3. 03 Select an interview date and attend an interview (individual or group). You cannot proceed to the interview if you did not complete the online e-explanatory course (UMU).
  4. 04 Confirm the result of the interview by responding to the e-mail (Confirmation of acceptance).
  5. 05 Successful applicants MUST complete the e-learning (part of group leaders training) course at the latest 2 weeks before attending the onsite training.
  6. 06 Must attend an onsite group leaders training, EID event, feedback session on the same day of EID and submit feedback questionnaire within the given deadline.
  7. 07 Upon completion of the process and fulfilled all the requirements, group leaders are eligible for a certificate of participation.

Join us as a Group Leader

Due to the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19), we will not be recruiting new Group Leaders

For inquiries please contact the Global Network Team (GNT) by e-mail at:

Global Network Team office hours:
Monday to Friday (10:30-17:30). Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays (Close) All inquiries will be attend to in the next working days.