*English Immersion Hour (EIH) events (ONLINE) for 2024 September, November and 2025 January is open for application!

If you are looking for some events or activities that you would like to contribute to the development of Japanese English education, especially for elementary and junior high school students, while learning some personal skills for yourself, this might be for you!! No experienced needed! Most important be open minded and be committed. Please read on!

Kumon Institute of Education Co., Ltd, Global Network Team (GNT) is recruiting Group Leaders (paid volunteers), both International and Japanese, university, college students and non-students, who are enthusiastic, energetic, passionate, enjoy working with children and adults and are willing to commit their time in our English Immersion Hour (EIH) program for Japanese elementary and junior high school from 3rd to 9th grade students, who are currently studying with Kumon English as a foreign language program.

Our hope for the children joining our EIH event

We hope that children are able to

  • experience the results of their daily English learning in just a short period time.
  • communicate with people of different backgrounds and nationalities while staying at home.
  • Not afraid to challenge themselves using English.
  • feel that they have tried their best and enjoy communicating in English.

If you are new to our EIH program click the ‘About EIH’ button to read more and understand about EIH.

Incentives for Group Leaders participating in the EIH program!

  • Gain skills in interacting with Japanese elementary and junior high school students online, have fun and meaningful experiences with them.
  • Experience and broaden your perspective by working with EIH group leaders from different countries and backgrounds.
  • Receive ¥2,500 for every session participated (maximum of 3 sessions per EIH event day) in addition to the ¥2,000 for each training (1 & 2) session participated.
  • An opportunity to work together with one of the well known and longest educational company in Japan and more than 60 countries around the world.

Group Leaders impression video

Click on to the link below to watch a digest video (2:53) of EIH in the report page (Japanse only) and scroll down.

Basic Requirements


Category Contents
Students or non-students High school, Vocational, Undergraduate to Post graduate or non-students
Age 18 years to 35 years old
Nationality No particular country
Language skill English (simple and easy to understand for Japanese elementary & junior high school students)
Contact E-mail and another contact detail (e.g. LINE, WhatsApp, Facebook or phone number in Japan)
Experience Previous work experience with children is not required. Enjoy working with children and adults, be open-minded and a team player, always thinking and asking oneself “is this the best for elementary and junior high school Japanese EFL students?”, and are passionate about bringing out their potential and develop it within a short period of time.
Schedule NEW applicants to EIH program – MUST attend both training 1 & 2 AND EIH event day.
Training 1 (2~3 hours) will be held on Sunday.
Training 2 (2 hours) will be in May 25 (Sat), one day before the actual EIH event day.
This is the EIH May Event date: EIH May 26 (Sun).

Currently all training sessions will be held in the morning starting at 10am Japan Standard Time (JST). EIH event will be held throughout the whole day from 8:30am~16:30pm (with breaks in between). Therefore, kindly keep yourself available throughout the EIH event day.
Equipment 1. Computer with working camera and working microphone.
2. Stable internet connection.
3. Latest ZOOM (Downloaded) Familiarity with Zoom software is desirable but not a must.
Japan Bank Account Applicants residing outside of Japan are welcome to apply as long as there is a Japan bank account that you are able to provide in order for us to transfer the appreciation fee.

Recruitment Process, Requirements and Application

  1. 01 Apply and complete the questions through the online application, click [APPLY HERE] button below
  2. 02 **For first-time applicants applying to the EIH program, please read the page about EIH for you to have an understanding what we are aiming for as a Group Leader of EIH) There will be question about EIH during your interview session. Also do watch the digest video for you to have a better image of facilitating a group of Japanese elementary and junio high school students.
    **Please be careful, if you missed your interview day without informing the GNT office through email, your application will be void. You will not be able to sit for alternative dates and you need to re-apply for the next EIH if you are still keen to join our EIH program.
  3. 03 You will receive an email with the interview date Please respond to the email to confirm your interview date and your attendance by the deadline.Do check your email including your spam inbox mail too.
  4. 04 You will receive your interview result by email. Successful applicants MUST complete an e-learning course (part of the group leader training) before participating in the online training. Group Leaders do not have to create their own program, with the exception of the ‘Let’s Travel’ activity, all activities have been prepared and designed by GNT.
  5. 05 MUST participate in the online face-to-face training for group leaders, the EIH event and feedback session at the end of EIH day. Finally, submit the feedback questionnaire by the given deadline. **Please be careful about late confirmation, submission and frequent cancellation. It will affect your future participation in our KEIA activities.
  6. 06 Upon completion of the process and fulfilment of all requirements, including submission of questionnaires, group leaders will be rewarded with the appreciation fee.

EIH Event Dates for 2024~2025


EIH May 2024
May 26 (Sun)


(March 17, Sunday)


EIH July 2024
Jul 21 (Sun)


(March 17, Sunday)


EIH September 2024
Sep 22 (Sun)




EIH November 2024
Nov 24 (Sun)




EIH January 2025
Jan 19 (Sun)



Application for the position of Group Leader for EIH May & July 2024 is closed!
However, for EIH 2024 September, November and 2025 January is open for application!

Overall EIH schedule for the year 2024-2025 is available in the application form.

Note: In order to have a higher chance of advancing to the next stage of the hiring process, be sure to fill in ALL the required parts of your application form! Missing any unanswered part may affect your application! The outcome of your application will be evaluated not only on the basis of the above requirements, application form or interview, but also on other factors.

For inquiries please contact the Global Network Team (GNT) by e-mail at:

Global Network Team office hours:
Monday to Friday (10:00 -17:00). Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays (Close) All inquiries will be attend to in the next working days.