Let’s wonder about Indonesia!
What do you want to know about Indonesia??


今回、インドネシアの旅を案内してくれるガイドをご紹介します! ぜひビデオをご覧ください!
Do you know how many Camp Leaders from Indonesia?

インドネシアってどんな国? What do you know about Indonesia?


Let’s learn about Indonesia through the guidebook made by Overseas Study Tour 2019 Camp Leaders!
(Icha, Wahyu, Isma)

What is “Ramadan”?


Ramadan in Indonesia (with Guide: Icha)

Have you ever been to Indonesia before?
Icha is explaining to us how people are in Indonesia during Ramadan period, please click and join in now! 😆


Islands Tour! (with songs)


Gita (EIC2019 Camp Leader) is going to take you on an islands tour around Indonesia and introduce to you 2 popular traditional songs!

Q : Do you know how many islands are there in Indonesia?
A : 17508 islands in total!

WOW! 😯 aaaaaaThat is a lot of islands, right? Let’s start our Islands tour now!

Indonesia Islands Tour (with Guide: Gita)

How do we say “Let’s go!” in Indonesia?

😯 Do you want to try Indonesian Dried Banana? 😮
Look so yummy, right?

Let’s listen to Papua’s traditional song – Yamko Rambe Yamko!

Do you like the songs?
Ampar Ampar Pisang & Yamko Rambe Yamko

Thank you very much!

Street Food Show


Food ①: Cilok (with Guide: Gani)

Do you remember how many islands there are in Indonesia?
Gani is showing us how to cook his favorite street food – Cilok! Click to join him now! 😉

Food ②: Satay (with Guide: Nesya)

Do you remember how many islands there are in Indonesia?
Let’s follow Nesya to the streets of Indonesia and learn about Satay, one of the famous Indonesian street food! Click to join Nesya now! 😀

Food ③: Kue Cubit (with Guide: Sessy)

Do you remember how many islands there are in Indonesia?
Sessy is now introducing to us a very delicious street food called “Kue Cubit”! If you would like to see what is it and how make it, click to join Sessy now! 😀