EIC 2016 will start soon!


This year we will hold 3 camps in Biwako, Shiga Prefecture and 1 camp in Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture with 324 new friends, from 3rd to 6th grader, joining the EIC family as ambassadors of world peace!

◆4 days Camp
1st Camp:       From 8th to 11th August, 2016
2nd Camp:       From 13th to 16th August, 2016

◆6 days Camp
1st Camp:      From 1st to 6th August, 2016
2nd Camp:      From 19th to 24th August, 2016

Don’t forget to log in to EIC website and encourage the new participants by writing your messages through EIC Family Member Site or email us! (english.camp@kumon.co.jp)

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