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Hello! This is Yuko from Global Network Team 
Do you have any plan for GOLDEN WEEK? Hope you enjoy the holiday!
We start recruiting Camp Leaders for EIC2019.
In the explanatory session, 2 EIC OG presented thier experience.
So, I would like to share their stories!

Kana (EIC2010, EIC2011)

he is a University student in faculty of Agriculture.
She is studying Vegetable Cultivation, Cooking, Selling Vegetable and food culture.
The reason she decided to study in faculty of Agriculture was because of EIC!
In EIC she knew many countries’ foods and cultures from “Travelling around the World” and “World Food Market”.
She still keeps in touch with Camp Leader from Korea, who is now in America. But they are planning to see each other in this summer.

Kana and Maki with EIC2012 Camp Leaders

Maki (EIC2009・EIC2011)

She said, “EIC was a good opportunity to expand my perspective. In addition, by interacting with various people, my English is poor but I learned the importance of trying to understand how the other person feels and trying to convey what I want to say. I really enjoyed EIC from the bottom of my heart. This is a memory that I won’t forget for the rest of my life.”
Also, after she participated in EIC in 2009, she went to Indonesia and participated in study tour. This was her experience: “I learned about street-children, the education issues and Indonesian culture. The most impressive memory of it was to meet street children. I always study unwillingly, but I found that how splendid that I can study every day, the place which we can study safely and tools are always prepared every day. Through this study tour, I was interested in the poverty of children and education. When I was a high school student, I studied abroad in Thailand. At first, I was supposed to learn English and Thai, but many students told me they wanted to study Japanese, so I gave Japanese classes to them during studying abroad. With this as a starting point, I was interested in education, so I want to challenge the internship of children’s education.”
How about you?? We hope to hear everyone’s story too!!

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