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私 Shige OGURA は、1月末をもって5年間の Global Network Team の仕事を終え、KUMONの海外法人をサポートする業務に就きます。
そして、2月からは Mr. Matsuhara が皆さんを直接応援します。






To all of you who have participated in and supported our immersion activities, I, Shige OGURA, will finish my assignments of Global Network Team (GNT) at the end of January, I have been recently assigned to support KUMON’s overseas corporationsAnd from February, Mr. Matsuhara will be my successor.

… Looking back on the five years that I have been with GNT, We have never looked at children’s English level, but rather, immediately at the start of each program, most of the participants are usually anxious, such children became friends with leaders from unfamiliar countries, and feel that they don’t mind if they make a slight mistake in English. Immersion activities have been carried out in the hope that participant will be ready and develop a desire to “express” something.

… Immersion activities, whether held by hours or number of days, does not suddenly improve participants English, so we hope that immersion activities are “engines” That will allow you to continue to develop your ability and skills in the process of growth that will continue for many years.

… I apologizes that parents and guardians often did not have a chance to observe the immersion activities. Adults are unavoidably interested in “comparison with others” and “whether their child can speak English well”. It is easy to overlook whether children’s hearts are moving forward. For example, if you happen to have a situation where other children in the same group talks more than others, as a parent, I want to do something about it, or have an urge to say something … I’m also a parent, so I understand. So we requested parents’ cooperation, “Let’s see how much children can do on their own (where there are no parents)”. Above all, we wanted the children to immerse themselves in a world that can only be experienced through our activities.

… To everyone who participated in the place of immersion was an opportunity, I would be very happy if you could grow while being aware of the world. And the biggest reason for the cooperation and support of “adults surrounding you” is the leaders from various countries and regions, Thank you.

Thanks to your presence, immersion activities have thrive to be wonderful.

We hope that immersion activities will continue to support your growth.

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