“Restart After Corona” Event Report


We are thrilled to share the success of our recent gathering, a long-awaited event that brought together old friends and new faces. After a prolonged hiatus due to the pandemic, it was heartwarming to see 85 participants join us onsite from 22 countries and regions, with an additional 20 participants connecting on-line from around the globe on March 30, 2024 here in Osaka – Kumon Head office.

The day was filled with laughter, reminiscing, and valuable networking opportunities. Despite diverse backgrounds in terms of years and programs joint, attendees quickly found common ground, fostering meaningful connections that will endure beyond this event.

Digest Video of “Restart After Corona” Event

Key Highlights

Experience Sharing: Participants from various walks of life shared their post-graduation journeys, offering insights and advice to fellow attendees.

Networking Activities: Interactive sessions such as speed chatting and a talent show encouraged lively participation and facilitated new friendships.

Global Engagement: We received 12 messages from participants spanning 10 countries, showcasing the international reach of our network.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed their messages and video messages, enriching the gathering with your stories and well-wishes. For those who couldn’t join or wish to relive the moments, we have compiled a collection of these messages [here]

Our community is a valuable resource, and we encourage you to stay connected and engaged.
Please join us in fostering a robust network by accessing the shared messages and videos.

Voices of the participants

I had a lot of fun reconnecting and making new connections.
I also enjoyed doing the dance and feeling the EIC spirit again 🙂

It was really needed to boost the motivation of everyone to make a restart.
I hope these members, joined today, can contribute in promoting, boosting, restarting KUMON events.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in a real event for the first time in a while.
Many mini-reunions have been held as a result of this meeting, and Mr. Kumon’s influence in organizing these onsite events is tremendous.
After the coronavirus, I think there are fewer people who have experience in onsite events, but the more you join such like events, the more you will definitely improve (same as the Kumon style of repetition), so I hope you don’t give up and continue doing it “just right”. is. Thank you very much. I look forward to the future activities.

Today’s meeting was inspiring. I met new friends from all over the world in KUMON and all of them have amazing experience I can learn with. They also welcome me. From today’s meeting I know that KUMON is a place I want to return to.

Memories Captured

To capture the spirit of our gathering, we have curated a selection of photos from the day.
Relive the memories and spot familiar faces [here]

We are immensely grateful for your participation and enthusiasm. Let’s keep supporting each other’s growth and aspirations, creating a vibrant community that thrives on connection and collaboration. We eagerly anticipate our next reunion and the chance to celebrate together once again.

Future Opportunities

Looking ahead, we have exciting plans for future activities that will continue to bring us together.
Don’t miss out on these opportunities; stay updated and apply for upcoming events

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