New Member of GNT (Enokky)


My name is Kohei Enoki.
I will be the a new member (leader) of GNT from this July 2023.

I will do my best to convey the appeal of GNT activities to as many people as possible.

Next is Q&A about me:

WHAT I like to do in free time

I like to do soccer practices and games.
I started this hobby when I was growing up, and I am happy to improve little by little.

WORK experience

I have been working at Kumon since 2003.
I have worked in many places in Japan and met many nice students.

My Dream

I want to create a world full of people who think learning is fun and work hard to achieve their goals.



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  1. GNT Jo より:


  2. Ken, the first GNT leader より:

    Dear 6th GNT Leader, Enokky
    Welcome to the EIC/GIC world!
    The EIC family members from all over the world welcome you!

  3. GNT Maza より:

    Let’s play soccer together!

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