My spring vacation in Sri Lanka


Hello EIC Familyyyy!
It’s me Dhanu!
How are you all doing? I am so glad that the winter is over!
How was your spring vacation? My Spring Vacation was so good because I was able to go back to Sri Lanka! Have any
of you been to Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka is a very beautiful island with lots of fun things to do! Therefore, this time I took
my friend Akihiro with me to Sri Lanka! Do you remember Akihiro?

He is a camp leader from EIC 2014. Akihiro came only for one week, but we had loads of fun! Since Sri Lanka has so many beautiful beaches, I and Akihiro went on a road trip to a very beautiful area in Sri Lanka, known as “Pasikuda”.

On the way to “Pasikuda” we visited the ancient rock fortress, “Sigiriya”. Do you know “Sigiriya”? Maybe you have
heard about it in “travelling around the world” and “knowing the world”. Sigiriya rock fortress is very famous in the
world and we climbed the rock. It was very tiring but we had so much fun! Then we spent 3 days near the beach!
We had so many delicious sea foods and many traditional Sri Lankan foods! Akihiro’s favorite food was “string
hoppers” with very very spicy “coconut sambol”!

During the 3 days we were able to ride jet-ski, go kayaking and swim! After the road trip, we met Pubu in “Colombo”.
Do you know “Colombo”? It is a big city in Sri Lanka. Pubu took us around the city and we visited Pubu’s home too!
We were able to meet a new friend too! It was an elephant which lives in a temple! It was a memorable trip! Let’s try to find out more about Sri Lanka! I am sure you will be wanting to go to Sri Lanka!

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