What are some Indian food you know?

From GNT

Hello EIC Family! :-)How was Manvi’s wedding tour last week?!! Indian wedding is so big and colorful, right? Did any friends miss it? If you haven’t had a look at it, don’t forget to check it out also!

Are you hungry? For this Vol.2, we are going to try a lot of different Indian food!

Indian is a very big country, so different regions also have different good food. That is why, Kenny (EIC2019 Camp Leader) would like to show us all the variety of Indian cuisines from the North, South, East and West of India.

★Food tour in India (with Guide: Kenny) 

Have you ever tried Indian food before?

Let’s follow Kenny on the food tour to different places in India now! Fasten your seatbelts and let’s go 😛

★Quiz time with Kenny (try this after watching Kenny’s video) 

Did you enjoy the food tour?

Q1) Which city did I go first?
a. Delhi b. Kolkata
c. Ahmadabad d. Chennai
Q2) What is kebab?
a. Chicken b. Beef c. Pork

Q3) What food is famous among the people in India?
a. Vada pav b. Dosa c. Idly
Q4) What sweets are famous in India?
a. Kebab b. Channa c. Jalebi

Q5) What dish is the staple food in south India?
a. Rajma curry b. Vada pav
c. Dosa and Idly