How Indian Wedding are like?

From GNT

Hello EIC Family! 🙂 Last month we had so much fun traveling to Indonesia, right? 😀 Friends who missed last month trip, you can check it out now!!

For July, Welcome to India!
In this first week, we are glad to have Manvi (EIC2019 Camp Leader) introduce to you about wedding in a place called Jaipur, India! Have you seen or joined an Indian Wedding before? We wonder how weddings in India are different from those in Japan! Are you curious too? 😉

Then, let’s find out now about Indian wedding! ➡

★Wedding in Jaipur, India (with Guide: Manvi) 

Have you ever seen an Indian wedding before?

Manvi is taking us to a wedding in Jaipur! Let’s follow her now and find out how the weddings there are like ! 😛

➡ Click to join Manvi’s wedding tour now!