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Hi everyone!
I’m Yugo Onuma.
I joined EIC 2018.
How are you?
How is your school life?

EIC for me

I learned three things in EIC.
The first is about the cultures of other countries. I also could learn the history of different countries there.
The second is about world problems. I could know what I didn’t know. It was very useful for me.
The third is about the need for English. Conversation in English in EIC was hard for me. But I could convey my opinion to many people from other countries by doing so.
Also I think joining EIC has improved my English.

after 20 years

20 years later, I want to be a mathematician.
And I want to write papers in English. I also want to announce them to a large number of people.
I want to study math high level. So, I study math and English very hard for that from now on. 

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