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Hello EIC family! It’s EIC Cafe Kansai!
Today we would like to introduce our new project, EIC cafe’s video taking!
We start to do presentations in English ♪

In these video, we explain the reason why we decided to do such projects and take a first presentation by university team! Please click on it to watch ↓, it will open in YouTube!

Schedule for 2020

  1. University team— 6/14 (The above video, please enjoy!)
  2. High school team—6/28
  3. Junior high school team —7/12
  4. Asuka or Satowa—7/19
  5. Asuka or Satowa—7/26
  6. Tomoha or Suzuno—8/2
  7. Tomoha or Suzuno—8/9

Next time you can watch high school team’s presentation!
We hope you will be looking forward to it!!
Please write your opinion or questions about our presentation:)
See you soon:)

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