It’s the holiday season of the year!!
Let’s wonder about festivals and holidays in Vietnam, Czech, Swiss and India in December!
What do you want to know about these countries??

Greetings from Camp Leaders「Hello!」

We are glad to introduce the Guide for our trip of World Festival! Please watch their Greetings video!

Do you know how these Camp Leaders??

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What are some festivals in Vietnam in December? Which god do we worship?


Please look forward to Christmas and the winter festival of India!

Czech Republic

How is Christmas in Czech Republic different from in Japan?

About Online Session

Date & time :Dec 20th (Sun) 10:00 ~ 11:00
Participants :4 EIC Past Participants 、7 EIC Staff & Camp Leaders

Online Session Summary

Welcome, welcome! On December 20th Sunday, we had our last Online Sessio for the project ONLINE Traveling around the World! 4 friends and 3 Camp Leaders joined us to learn about Christmas around the world!

We played a very interesting ONLINE quiz created by Camp Leader Erica (EIC2016/2017, Indonesia) and talk about how people celebrate Christmas in Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka and Czech Republic.

Q: What do Vietnamese children do at Christmas?

Q:What trees do Indian people decorate for Christmas?

Q: What food do people in Czech and Japan eat at Christmas?

Please check the below digest video to find out!

Digest Video